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Many silhouettes were jumping around in the forest. Even with 100 kgs of armour, the students were still agile like monkeys. This was a representation of their strong life force.

Originally, those brushes and pricks were very annoying when travelling through the forest. People had to cut them before entering. But now with this whole suit of armour, things were much easier. They charged through many of the thorned bushes.

The metal armour also had a thin waterproof layer so even small insects like ants and centipede couldn’t crawl inside.

In these forests, the most fearsome things weren’t the beasts but the small insects. They could go into literally any hole. Once people were bitten, they would feel itchiness and pain at the same time. Sometimes, it could even be lethal.

The only downside was that it was slightly heavy, especially walking in it through the mountains. It consumed tens of times more stamina than normal humans had. Only strong people could run with it.

The fifty or so students gathered into small groups of 3 or 5, some of them went alone into the depths of the forests. It was like a handful of sand sprinkled into the ocean, they disappeared immediately.

Zheng Wenbing, Yang Wu and Zhang Yue also followed behind surreptitiously. They were biting their teeth due to their hatred for Jiang Li but they didn’t dare to take any action. It was quite obvious that Jiang Li was liked by the two girls Liana and Lara. It was suicide to go against the two girls.

“I wonder what luck Jiang Li the animal got that caused his power to increase so rapidly.”

Zheng Wenbing tried to steal the chicken but instead lost a handful of rice and compensated 300,000 star coins. He was incontent, he wanted revenge.

“How do we get revenge? We can’t do it the proper way, Liana and Lara are protecting him.” Yang Wu had recovered but his face still kinda hurt. He was slapped in the face by Jiang Li, whenever he thought about it he had a crazy sense of humiliation.

“Let’s see, perhaps we can start a conflict between Ou Yang Xing and Jiang Li. As long as Ou Yang Xing takes action, Jiang Li will suffer heavy losses.”

Zhang Yue was very bleak.

“Yes, if the two go against each other, that would look good….”

“Should we contact Ou Yang Xing?”

“We can do that, we must start shit between these two.”

The three went into the forest sheepishly.

A snow white long blade appeared in Liana’s hands. She waved it and some snowflakes fell. D rank sword art [Snow Covering The Apex]. All her surroundings were covered by the long sword.

Many bushes were sliced in half by her long sword and a long steady pathway appeared.

This blade was the weapon she brought with her at all times.

This exercise only permitted the bringing of cold weapons.

Of course, civilians were prohibited to use hot weaponry anyway. The wealthy could get their hands on it but they could only use it secretly. Cold weapons weren’t restricted.

Liana’s weapon was her favourite weapon. It was 1.3 meters long, the blade was narrow and the sword itself was forged with super tensile alloy. It could really slice metal like clay.

It had the shape of samurai swords but narrower. There was a crease through the middle of the blood for directing blood.

This blade was like a dancing butterfly in the hands of Liana. She was very proficient at it.


A strange snake suddenly attacked from the brush, it spewed venom onto the armour and that armour suddenly emitted a white smoke. It had the signs of corrosion. If there was no armour, the whole body would have been corroded into a pile of meat.

The blade light swung and the snake’s head was sliced off. Liana used another move [Carrying lamp while watching sword] to slice the snake’s entire body open. A snake bladder was taken out by the blade.

“Jiang Li, take it. This is a Qu Po snake from another planet. Its bladder sells for tens of star coins.”

Although Liana killed the snake and acquired the snake bladder, she didn’t need it herself. She didn’t find something worth tens of star coins useful.

However, Jiang Li took it carefully and put it into a bag. He didn’t have any hesitations. Tens of star coins was also money. It was equivalent to half a month of his parents’ salary. A mosquito may be small but it was still meat.

“Lara, this is the first alien life form I have killed. When the human army first arrived at planet Qu Po, these types of snakes have caused quite some casualties to our army.”

Liana said in a satisfied way. She felt her sword art, agility and spirit had all increased exponentially.

“If you weren’t wearing your metal armour, your body would have fully corroded by now.” Lara said coldly, “Plus, look at the snake’s head.”

Liana heart thudded.

The cut off head had a needle on top of it pinning it to the ground. It penetrated through the snake’s brain.

It was obvious that Lara threw the needle.
Nobody knew when she threw out the iron needle.

The Qu Po snake’s venom was very potent, it was highly corrosive. Those who were spewed by it would be corroded till they didn’t even have bones left. A hundred years ago when the human army first descended on planet Qu Po, large amounts of snakes spewed venom and caused quite some casualties to the human army. Some weaker armours were even corroded.

Lara actually knew how to use needles.

“This time, you’re even.” Jiang Li saw the two girls having a discord, “I saw clearly that when Lara’s needle shot out, Liana’s sword also cut the skin. You’re both very alert.”

“Whatever, a small Qu Po snake doesn’t go in my eyes. Lara, you play with needles like a hysteric transsexual called Dongfang Bubai from a novel a long time ago.”

Liana laughed.

“It’s not only Dongfang Bubai who plays with needles, so does the monkey king.” Lara smiled mildly. The needles disappeared and appeared from the tip of her fingers like spirit snakes.

“Hmph!” Liana said immediately, “Lara, if you’re so good then let's have a competition, take off your armour and go throw the bush, how about it? You will get true benefit by constantly being under danger, are you brave enough?”

“Of course I am.” Lara started taking off the armour on her body.

“No, you two, don’t put your life on the line over an argument!” Jiang Li was frightened. In this dangerous forest, taking of the armour was like suicide. Taking the example from before, the pretty girl would have corroded bones if the venom reached her body without the protection of the armour.

Taking off the armour was like rolling on the blade of a knife. Who knows what dangers than will be deep in the forest?

Seeing that Lara took off her armour, Liana also took off her armour showing her tight clothes that outlined her curvaceous body. She was around 1.8m, a tall pretty lady indeed.

Lara’s body was also not bad. Both of them wore tight clothes of high quality. Who knows what material they were made of. An aromatic smell wafted through the air making people think into the sexual side of things.

“You two, please don’t argue like this, this bush is very dangerous. If an accident occurs, you wouldn’t be saved even with the modern medical technology.” Jiang Li tried to persuade them but the two girls wouldn’t listen.

“Only this way can we focus our spirits and be alert of danger at all times so we can train our spiritual sense. Deep in the grass, there were 3 venomous spiders, 4 scorpions and 2 centipedes….” Lara’s ears suddenly twitched and accurately captured many of their locations. Her hand swooshed.

Shua shua shua……..
9 thin like cow hair needles flew out. There was a rustle in the depth of the bush. Some venomous life forms were accurately killed.

“Jiang Li, help us carry the armour!” Liana had a very glamorous smile, “We still need it when we rest at night.”

“Carry your armour? I need to carry both of your armours?” Jiang Li was stunned, a set of armour was 100kg, plus their two would mean that he had to carry 300kg on his back. That was huge torture.

“You need to be a gentlemen. Helping ladies carry things is nothing.” Liana was purposely playing with Jiang LI.

“Yea, you’re only a good man if you help us carry things.” He didn’t know why, but the rivals Liana and Lara were working together to make fun of Jiang Li.

“Never mind, I’ll just be a laborer for once. I’ll just pretend it is training. You two walk slower.” He squatted and folded the pieces of armour into two large boxes eventually. He carried one in each hand and followed behind the two girls. He walked very fast and didn’t fall behind.

Originally, Liana and Lara took off the weight and could run very fast. There was no way Jiang Li could catch up to them. However, taking off the armour also meant danger, they had to walk each bit of their path very carefully. Their spirit was concentrated and spread out into a few hundred meter radius around them so their walking speed was not that fast.

Meanwhile Jiang Li was heedless and rammed straight forward even if there were venomous insects. He stomped large amounts of them.

“The venomous wasp is here!”

Just when they flipped over a few hilltops, a buzzing sound came from in front of them.

Immediately, Lara and Liana’s face changed. They saw a huge swarm of venomous wasp form into a bundle. Each of them were finger length long and the size of a thumb. They were a type of extraterrestrial wasp and were very aggressive.


They sensed the ki of humans and the whole swarm suddenly flew towards them ferociously.

Lara was like a bow, she sprung up and waved her hand. Immediately, a large pack of needles flew out clashing into the wasps that flew over. Immediately, the wasps rained down like rain drops.

“Kill!” Liana sprung up as the sword in her hand made an arc. Her forearm shook and swung up to hundreds of times. The blade rung as each blade cut accurately into a wasp.

No wasps could reach within a sword’s length of her body.

C Rank sword art [Heavy Rain Cut].

This was an ancient type of sword art evolved from Japanese and Chinese sword art. It had a high degree of accuracy and speed requiring a lot from the muscles. Some masters trained in sealed environments slicing flies. In one second, they could slice more than 10 flies, with each one of them sliced exactly in half.

But Liana’s speed was faster. She swung out twenty times a second without being short of breath. She could do it consecutively.

Jiang Li could only see the flickering of the blade as Liana surrounded herself with blade swings. The wasps all fell and ten seconds later, this swarm of venomous wasps were cleanly destroyed.

But, Liana’s face had a huge swelling. It was very scary. Obviously, she had missed a wasp. Her beautiful face was destroyed.

But she was well prepared and immediately took a small bottle, spraying the contents onto her face. The swelling disappeared immediately and her skin was smooth as silk. This was the newest skin recovery spray. It was very expensive. A small bottle like that costed thousands of star coins and was hard find on the market.

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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