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“Pity this is full metal armour not mechanical armour.” Jiang Li sighed. Mechanical armour was the one he saw during Illusory Fox’s apprehension. It was fitted with a mobility system and could fly and glide. People who wore it had immense strength and agility, resulting in an immense increase in battle power.

These metal armours looked just like the mechanical armours, however, they were immobile and were just models. They were like cars without a motor.

When this group of students wore the armours, the first instructor was conversing with the principle on the stadium. The mayor had left already.

“General Song, how good is the quality of this batch of students today?” The principal asked.

“Good, very high.” General Song nodded, “Especially that last ten. If they come into the army and receive training, they would definitely be worthy of the rank senior colonel. I’ve already cultivated for forty years and so I can’t compare with them. But if they want to enter Astral University, they must have a final rush. To be honest, the prerequisite for Astral University is crazy. If I go for the test now, my physical capabilities may pass but my literacy will definitely fail. We only need that 10 people for this special training. The others only act as fillers.”

General Song’s physical capabilities, and martial arts were all very strong. Unfortunately, there was no place for him in Astral University.

First, after he entered the military, he focused purely on martial arts so his literacy exam will not suffice. Second, the age restriction for Astral University is 20. Those who were over age were unable to apply.

Because the older they were, the less malleable they were.

“We also need to give them a chance. What if they suddenly do well. They have huge potential.” The principle quickly defended, “This time, those parents of those students with 0.9 life force have contributed quite some money. It’s definitely the school that pays for the fees for this collaboration.”

“I know of this. 0.9 is already very outstanding and will qualify for a normal instructor. I did not say they were inept,” General Song said, “I have already arranged for a hellish training to excavate their potential. It all depends on whether or not they can endure through it.”

A super large military hover vehicle stopped amongst the valley of mountains.

The mountains formed a path towards the distance.

Huge trees covered the skies, and some trees were even as high as 100 meters. It was just like a virgin forest. Roars of huge beasts could be heard echoing within the ranges.

Outside the mountain ranges, tens of meters of electrical fence rose up saying “military zone, bypasses prohibited”.

When humanity united, people started curing the environment. After 200 years of treatment, there were virgin forests everywhere.

When humans acquired the technology to traverse in wormholes, all sorts of biotechnology was developed significantly. All they had to do was take out a bit of plantation growth liquid and immediately, all types of plantations would grow like crazy.

Now, the living environment or Earth was very good. The face of the Earth also changed quite a lot.

“From now on, you will be undergoing cruel battle training in the wild!”

100 people came out from the car all wearing armours. When they reached inside the valley, General Song looked at everyone, “This is our military base. It models the harsh battle fields of foreign planets. During one of your exams for Astral University, the government will use a large transporter to transport you to outer space for real life battle examination. Only after you complete it will you truly become a student of Astral University.”

Everyone listened quietly.

“To tell you the truth, the exam for Astral University gets harsher and harsher by each year. 30 years ago, I was also one of the candidates and was sent to the battle field of outer space. I almost lost my life and I failed the exam!” General Song said, “Every single one of Astral University’s student is a warrior that stood the test of battles. If you want to become their student, I can say you are far from adequate! Ou Yang Xing!”


Ou Yang Xing stood out.

“You are the strongest in the school, your life force has reached 1.1 is that so?”



General Song’s fists struck hard on Ou Yang Xing’s body making a ear shattering vibration with the metal armour but Ou Yang Xing only rocked a bit and didn’t even take a step back.

“Not bad!” General Song applauded, “But according to our analysis, your chances of getting into Astral University still isn’t 100%. You may even lose your life in the final battle exam! This time is your best opportunity for real life battle practice! Inside this prohibited military zone are countless extraterrestrial life forms, and ferocious beasts. You will be attacked and there may even be casualties if you go in there. It’s still not too late to quit.”

“We will stay till the end!”

These 100 students were the elite selected from 800,000 students. This was a rare training drill inside a prohibited military zone, there was no way they would pass out on this.

Even if their family was wealthy, they couldn’t have this training opportunity. At most, they could practice in virtual reality.

But virtual reality is virtual, how could it compare with real life battles?

This type of real training was really beneficial for the growth of the spirit.

“You have adequate food and water. Go in the forest. The duration of this exercise will be ten days! The armour on your body will protect you from harm. These extraterrestrial life forms are very dangerous and cannot be stopped just by flesh and blood. Of course, you may take it off if you have the guts!”

General Song said: “There are also benefits for you to train inside. Deep inside this forest, there are many aliens of high value. You may take their valuable parts after you kill them. This is all your own fortune.”



The students started discussing amongst themselves.

“Pfft, so what, this all came from our money.” The last fifty students were contempt.

Their families had to pay a lot of money for them to be allowed in this enrichment class. The school and the military was in collaboration this time so the school gave the military a large sum of money to train the students. So they were spending their own money. No matter how many alien life forms they killed, it was still pointless.

Only Jiang Li nodded his head slightly, he thought that was the reward given to them.

“Ten days later, you must meet up at the other entrance of the military base!” General Song took out a map, “That entrance is approximately 300 km from here linearly.!”


The crowd was shocked. This mountain range twisted and turned. What appeared to be just in front of you may take a day and a night to reach. The linear distance was 300km but the actual distance was probably more than 1000km.

“Last point!”

General Song’s face was bleak, “In this military base, there is another type of special life form. They are extraterrestrial warriors. This time, the main purpose of this exercise is to kill them. The first place belongs to whoever kills them the most! The reward will be 100,000 star coins worth of military medications.”

“What? Kill?”

“They want us to kill!”…………

A lot of students were shocked. They didn’t think that this exercise was so cruel.

According to current records, Earthly humans had used wormhole travel and discovered up to hundreds of planets with life. Other than encountering all sorts of alien life, there were also other planets with human life.

For example, the [Great Dream Heart Sutra] Jiang Li acquired came from a very strong cultivation planet.

There was no technology on this planet and people couldn’t travel through space. However, the resources in that place were very rich. There were many master cultivators. Even with the advantage of technology, humans still hadn’t been able to conquer it.

Of course, humans were in a position that can’t be defeated.

Because humans could traverse the vast universe while although the warriors of that planet could flip rivers and overturn seas, they couldn’t undertake interstellar travel.

However, alien humans were also humans. Today, the cruel training exercise was actually killing humans!

Many students’ hearts pulsated rapidly.

In the modern society, it was almost impossible to kill people, even the wealthy people couldn’t. The right to life had been written into the highest law. Although there were still many dark aspects of society, no students who received proper education was a bloodthirsty demon.

Jiang Li never killed people and didn’t want to kill people.

“What? You’re afraid?” General Song’s eyes were very sharp. His cold eyes glanced at everyone and immediately, people felt a surge of coldness invade into their heart.

General Song definitely killed people.

“Everything for humanity, they aren’t earthly humans, they are our enemies, The universe is cold, humans need to advance constantly, we need to conquer and invade!” He looked at this group of people, his contemptuous countenance obvious, “Why do we Earthly humans live such a wonderful life? Because it was fought by the elite of the human race! Every prosperity comes with blood and fire. Take back your mercy! There is no mercy in the universe!”

Everyone knew of this

Jiang Li knew that in the entire universe, there was indeed no mercy. Before, countries on Earth had cruel battles between them for survival and benefits. They had to slaughter.

“If there is anyone who is unwilling, you can leave now!” General Song said.

“We will definitely stay!”

Still, no-one left.

“In that case, let’s begin! It’s 12pm right now, ten days later, you must appear at the other exit! At this time as well!”

With the order of General Song, this training exercise officially began.


A silhouette flew into the forest and left in an instant.

It was the first of the school, Ou Yang Xing!

He was well above everyone else and didn’t want to bring himself down to team up with the others.

“Jiang Li, let’s go in as well.” Lara moved closer to Jiang Li, “This military prohibited area is extremely dangerous, we can help each other.”

“Jiang Li, come make a team with me.” Liana’s voice was loud and caused some attention. Immediately, Jiang Li was the target of jealousy. He felt many fiery eyes staring at him as if it was going to burn him.

Lara and Liana were the two goddesses of the school. Normally, guys would be flattered to even talk to one of them for a small while. Now, the two goddesses want to make a team with Jiang Li?

Training together in a team was a good way to increase in intimacy.

“Let’s all go together. This exercise is going to be very hard, we can use it to compete with each other. I’ll be the judge to see which of you is stronger, how about it?” Jiang Li thought slightly and knew it was a hard situation to deal with. Rejecting any of the goddess would make them greatly lose face and create trouble.

“Okay.” Liana’s eyes glittered, she had long wanted to compare with Lara, “Lara do you dare to compete with me and see who is stronger?”

“No problem!” Liana was very casual, “Jiang Li, you be the judge. Let’s go.”


As if in tacit agreement, the three rushed outwards.

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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