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“This person’s life force is 1, the same as me, why is his body so strong? Did he eat some super supplements? No way, I ate all sorts of super supplements since I was young. He is only a poor student, what good supplements can he get?” Deng Tianzhao was unhappy but there was nothing he could do. Jiang Li’s body was too strong.

What he didn’t know was that Jiang Li cultivated the [Spiritual Emperor Seal] making his body stronger than normal people.

He was still doubtful but he knew Jiang Li wasn’t serious and didn’t humiliate him so he nodded his head and walked away hurriedly to greet other people so he could save himself from the awkwardness.

Lara saw this and was also surprised. Theoretically, Jiang Li and Deng Tianzhao should be on par but now it was quite obvious, Deng Tianzhao was outmatched.

“Lara, you’re also here?”

Another hover car descended from the sky to three metres above the ground when a girl jumped down silently. It was Liana Xue.

Liana scanned and had a smile on her face, “Lara, how was your cultivation recently? We’re now classmates. It’s the last semester now, let’s see who can get into Astral University?”

“Okay!” Lara raised her head to take up the challenge, “I will have many opportunities to spar with you in the final semester since we’re in the same class.”

The two girls talked against each other. Neither of them were convinced of the other.

The students out in the open gradually built up. There were 50 students for this enrichment class, each of them were the elite. The weakest ones had a life force of greater than 0.9. Most of the students were dropped off by cars. The sky was littered with hover cars ascending and descending, all sorts of famous brands flashed into people’s eyes.

The family with the least wealth was probably Jiang Li’s.

Wuwuwuw… another huge hover car descended. Males and females walked out. Now, 9 out of the 10 influential people of the school had arrived.

Wang Yunlong, Li Changtian, Xiao Hong, Liana Xue, Sarah Yun, Yelanie Lu, Jiang Li, Deng Tianzhao, Lara Luo.

Jiang Tao was a year 11 student. Although his life force was also 1, this was a training class for year 12’s so he had to wait another semester before coming. However, the school treated him as a seed and would give him other cultivation opportunities. But, he went to the military himself and after a semester, he would definitely earn a lot of money.

Out of the 9 students masters, Jiang Li was the most prominent one. Other than him, there was also another person who also didn’t drive a car. He was a normal civilian, Xiao Hong.

This student’s body was that high but his eyes were like lightning and gave people a sense of lonely arrogance. He didn’t fit the crowd and usually didn’t talk. He always closed his eyes and meditated as if there was nothing that could arouse his interest other than cultivation and even pretty girls couldn’t.

He was a legendary figure in the school. He was born into a normal civilian family but displayed his talent at a very young age. His spiritual cultivation went into Deep Sleep and was working outside. According to some people, he had already signed a contract with a large company to become their CEO. The salary was very good.

“These students aren’t normal people.” Jiang Li thought.

In no time, there was more and more people out in the open.

The other 0.9 students gathered amongst themselves and didn’t mix with the 9 masters. This surreptitiously outlined the difference due to strength.

The strong people with a life force of 1 stood high in condescension towards the other students. No matter how strong the other students were, they were only like leaves to a flower. The fact was so as well, as person with a life force of 1 could beat 4 to 5 0.9 life force people combined. There was a huge difference in power.

Originally, Jiang Li didn’t have the right to be on par with these people but now, he jumped straight above their heads making many of them uncomfortable.

“We have all arrived except for Ou Yang Xing.” Wang Yunlong folded his arms and sneered at Deng Tianzhao who was beside him, “Just because he is the first in the school?”

“There’s nothing we can do, his life force is 1.1. He is a level above all of us.” There was great jealousy in Deng Tianzhao’s eyes.


Vibrational sound of the air came from the skies.

A flying vehicle twice as large as a normal car arrived in the sky and descended slowly. A youth walked out from it. This youth was around 18 years old and had a height of 1.9m. He wore tightly fit black clothes and walked down with a condescending temperament. His eyes scanned with sharpness as if a leader inspecting his soldiers.

“That’s Ou Yang Xing, he’s here!”

“He is the first in the school. I had that the school says he has a 90% chance of getting into Astral University.”

“There are many people in the Ou Yang family involved in politics, business and monopolized the major businesses in many cities. Being a high ranking officer was just average in their family. Ou Yang Xing definitely wants to get into Astral University and then migrate to the elite district to become the strong elite of humanity to fight in the cosmos!”

“His temperament is very strong, people say he has reached the third stage of Deep Sleep, wonder if this is true.”…..

Huala…. Ou Yang Xing appearing causing a mass rupture.

“This is Ou Yang Xing? No doubt he is stronger than all of us.” Jiang Li was shocked on the inside. The first in the school with everyone’s eyes set on him. His temperament was strong as if he experienced countless battles. The blade like spirit washed away all of his impurities, “If I am matched against him I really might not be able to defeat him. I must be careful.”

After Ou Yang Xing walked down, he swiped his hand and the hover vehicle flew away automatically.

This was a student of a large family.

The first of 800,000 students. Even the teachers, instructors were no match for him.

He was a major figure with a life force of 1.1.

“He’s really cocky.” A few people with a life force of 1 weren’t convinced of him.

“The principle is here.” It was unknown who said that but the crowd suddenly became quiet.

In the distance, the principle appeared on the podium but he was only a side figure. The real protagonist of today was someone from the military. He had a bulky figure and neatly worn military clothing. His eyes were bright and people didn’t dare to look into them.

Other than him, there was another government personnel standing beside this army man.

Jiang Li saw on TV, that government personnel was in actual fact the mayor of Xing Hua City!

The mayor of Xing Hua City had great authority and could control everything. Usually, he didn’t appear so easily but this time was special. It was the award for the high achieving students of the school so he had to come. Every year, if someone from Xing Hua City went into Astral University, that would go on his political record. This was highly important for any city.

“Students, I’m your mayor!”

As soon as the mayor appeared, he talked in a very amicable tone, “You are the elite of the entire school, the first 50 out of 800,000 students. When you walk out into the society, you will be the strong people of humanity. But you must not be arrogant because of this. What you need to do is become the elite of humanity and enter into Astral University. This time, the government will award you for your outstanding grades. Now, could the following students please come to the stage to receive their rewards. Ou Yang Xing, Wang Yunlong, Li Changtian, Xiao Hong, Liana Xue, Sarah Yun, Yelanie Lu, Jiang Li, Deng Tianzhao, and Lara Luo!”

The ten students heard the mayor and walked onto the stage.

At that moment, a large group of journalists and news channels were broadcasting live.

This was a significant event each year.

Many major entrepreneurs wanted to see the mayor but were unable. Now, Jiang Li was shaking hands with this major figure of Xing Hua City. He was encouraging him amicably and this made Jiang Li feel like he was dreaming.

“Jiang Li, I hope you may continue your hard work and get into Astral University and contribute to humanity for Xing Hua City.” The mayor shook their hands respectively and when it was Jiang Li, his smile was very natural. It definitely wasn’t pretentious, “If there are any troubles in your family, you may report it to the government and we’ll do our best to help you!”

Jiang Li was very satisfied upon hearing these words, “Thank you mayor, I will definitely do my best!”

He knew the mayor was being sincere as the elite of each year could receive great support from the government.

When he shook hands with the mayor, the mayor gave him a Feng Yun badge and 3000 star coins scholarship personally.

The Feng Yun badge was a special type of honour.

Below the stage, Zheng Wenbing, Yang Wu and Zhang Yue looked on as Jiang Li received the badge. Their faces grew very gloomy and all knew that it would be much harder for them for to enact any of their plans from now on.

These students were already noticed by the government and were top priority for training. This was equivalent to earning a protective talisman.

The mayor finished greeting these people and began to talk once again, “Students, this time, the government will be collaborating with the military to provide special training for you. We hope that you may grow more in this training. This is the first instructor of Xing Hua City, General Song. Now, he will arrange this military training for you.”

At this moment, the General Song took large steps forward giving people a sense of a ferocious beast treading on the ground.

“Students, you are all strong. Your quality is much greater than normal soldiers but your targets are also much greater. It is get into Astral University so my army will arrange training for you. It will be very cruel. You may choose to leave if you do not wish to participate.” When he talked, his voice wasn’t loud but it reached clearly into everyone’s ears.

Jiang Li listened and knew that this instructor’s abilities weren’t below that of Illusory Fox’s but he probably wasn’t a hypnotist.

If he was a hypnotist, his influence would be much greater than this.

But his abilities were definitely worthy of the title, the first instructor of the Xing Hua City military district.

Only these type of people could subdue some cocky and rapturous students.

“We’ll stand firmly!”

“Everything for humanity!”

The 100 people below said in unison. Every student had received rigorous military training and acted like a soldier.

“Okay then, from now on, your training has begun. Everyone, run forward into the equipment room of the school and find your numbered metal armor. They are made to match your size. After you wear them, come and gather here!” The first instructor declared loudly!

“Yes! We obey the order!” All the students even including the 1st amongst the students, Ou Yang Xing, yelled loudly. This was military training, he couldn’t act cool and use his temper.

No family could compare to the military.

Jiang Li also followed the students and ran into the equipment room. He took out his student chip and swiped opening a locker belong to him. Immediately, he saw there were many metal armour parts, helmet, chest plate, gauntlet, boots, knee protection….

He wore it immediately and as soon as he put it on, he felt like he was a robot. This set or armour weighed approximately 100 kg. It pressed onto him making it inconvenient for him to maneuver.

Fortunately, their physical capabilities were very strong. Wearing the metal armour was equivalent to training their bodies from every angle by bearing weight.

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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