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“Dad, big brother said he was attending special training.” Jiang Xuan said, “You can’t underestimate big brother, last time he helped the police department crack a major case. He even gave me 3000 star coins pocket money.”

“Wait….” Jiang Zhengdong didn’t know how to react for a moment. Even mom was shocked. Little brother Jiang Tao looked at Jiang Li as if it was the first time knowing his brother, “A Li, what are your exam results this time?”

“Life force 1.” Jiang Li replied honestly.

“What?” Jiang Zhongdong yelled out in excitement and scared everyone.

“This is my results and this is the principal’s email.” Jiang Li took out his student card and from it a hologram was projected. It couldn’t be fake.

“You have a promising future….” Both mum and dad surrounded him looking at his results as if they were dreaming, “It really is 1, son how did you do it?”

“I just suddenly improved, and I can enter Deep Sleep whenever I want.” Jiang Li said.

“You spiritual prowess improved.” Mum and dad can to sudden realization, “No wonder you have improved so fast.”

“Hahahah……” Jiang Zhengdong laughed happily, “Now, both of my sons have a promising future. Those people took my wealth but when my sons are strong, I will take it all back.”

“Dad, what are you talking about?” Jiang Li’s instincts told him that his dad had secrets because since he was small, he had never heard about his grandparents. According to the current life expectancies of humans, his grandparents would be alive even when Jiang Li himself became a dad.

“Nothing, I will tell you about it after you have entered into Astral University.” Jiang Zhendong shook his hands, “Come, let’s celebrate today. Buy a good bottle of wine.”

“Mum, dad I’ll go buy it.” Jiang Tao said, “I couldn’t believe big brother’s spiritual cultivation had improved so fast. I’ll go buy a bottle of Four Winged Tiger Bone Wine. Mum and dad you should both have some too!”

“Four Winged Tiger Bone Wine! That’s around 1000 star coins a bottle. That is equivalent to a year’s worth of our salary.” Mum stared at Jiang Tao, “Where did you get all that money from?”

“I took on many jobs at my school,” Jiang Tao said casually, “So I have some pocket money especially after receiving my scholarship. Mum and dad, you shouldn’t spend any more money on me. You guys need to buy some supplements for your bodies. Oh and little sister needs cultivation too.”

“Yes, I will work hard.” Jiang Xuan seemed to have been inspired.

“The wine is here….” In no time, Jiang Tao bought a bottle of wine online and had it delivered. The family sat around the table drinking and eating. Both parents were drunk and so was the little sister. Only the two brothers were wide awake and arranged for their parents’ rest before coming to the balcony to enjoy the wind.

“Big brother, you actually reached a life force of 1 in such a short time. Even I didn’t realise it. You really hit the mark on the first shot.” Little brother Jiang Tao said, “Mum and dad were very happy today and so was I. Big brother, with you supporting the family, there are somethings that I can finally do.”

“Little brother, you were very smart since a young age and seem to know some secrets about mum and dad. Who is our grandpa?” Jiang Li asked the doubt in his heart.

“I also don’t know.” Jiang Tao shook his head, “But I’ve heard that our Jiang family isn’t a small family but dad was kicked out from the family. That’s all that I know.”

“That’s my guess too.” Jiang Li said, “This seems to be a real problem for our dad. He seems distressed every time we bring it up. We need to find some time to investigate it and see which big families are called Jiang.”

“This can wait after we get into Astral University.” Jiang Tao shook his head, “Humans have developed and are on many planets. There are many secrets that can’t be investigated.”

“Yea I guess that’s the only way. Both of us need to get into Astral University.”

The two brothers high fived each other.


The sound of the high five reached out seeming vigorous and youthful in the snowy night.

Late at night, Jiang Tao rang a number. After tens of times of reallocations, he was finally put through. A stately voice sounded, “Jiang Tao, you have finally made up your mind?”

“General Wang, I have made up my mind. I can join your organization.” Jiang Tao said with a heavy voice.

“Really?” The voice had a hint of surprising joy, “Jiang Tao, you are a genius. Without any resources and assistance, you actually went into the third stage of Deep Sleep and you are even close to entering Stasis. With your cultivation, you can definitely become a master that rules a region.”

“I know this and I don’t doubt your abilities at all.” Jiang Tao’s tone was very calm, “But, what I do has nothing to do with my family. If something happens to me, I want you to protect my family. That way, I’ll provide my service to you.”

“Jiang Tao, remember, you are not serving us, you are serving the future of our entire race, the recovery of our nation. The blood that runs in your veins is the ancient bloodline of the Chinese. You should sacrifice your blood and life for the recovery of our country.” The voice said fiercely.

“Yes, the reason I called you was because I had this aspiration and wanted to enter the SSRO.” Jiang Tao said calmly, “But I need some money.”

“How much do you need?” The mysterious General Wang in the phone didn’t have the slightest hesitation.

“1 million!” Jiang Tao said an astronomical sum, “1 million star coins, not for me but for my family. Give my family 100,000 star coins each year for ten years. I need to make sure that my family lives a good life and then I can join you guys.”

“No problem, I will send a letter in the name of the military tomorrow saying that you have entered a special department of the military and then give your family 100,000 star coins of allowance.” General Wang said, “And with our training and your prodigy, there won’t be any problems at all for you to enter into Astral University! At that time, I will arrange for your migration into the elite district. You whole family can benefit from that too.”

“Okay!” Jiang Tao agreed.

The phone hung up and his expression was mature, “I am walking on a path of no return, the SSRO…… recovering my nations, my country is also my desire. Although, the unity of humanity is prevalent, why can’t our nation govern everything? Big brother, just protect mom and dad. You can support a family now and I can free myself to realize my desire. Use that money to train yourself.”

A speechless night…..

After the exam, Jiang Li still didn’t stay. He hid everyday to cultivate and learn hypnosis. He researched from information online and even spent money to register and buy from hypnosis websites, reading the works and theories of Tertiary Hypnotists.

Ever since cultivating the [Spiritual Emperor Seal], his thinking ability and understanding ability had increased many folds. He could understand all sorts of knowledge just by looking at it briefly.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t get full marks in the literacy exam.

Meanwhile, Jiang Tao just went out saying he was participating in military training. The military also send out an invitation saying that the special training would finish in the next holidays.

Everyone in the family was working hard.

Three days later, Jiang Li came back to the school.

The school was already in holiday and was very quiet.

It was empty after the exam but for the 100 elites of the school, the cruel training had just begun.

They had to receive special training in the holidays.

When he just arrived at the school and hadn’t even gone to his class, Jiang Li saw a hover car being driven into the school. It stopped out in the open. It was Lara.

“Jiang Li? Congratulations on your entry into the enrichment class.” Lara parked her car and greeted Jiang Li, “I was surprised by your sudden burst in grades.”

“Lara, you can buy a car?” Jiang Li was surprised. It wasn’t because he thought Lara had monetary problems but only one star citizens could by cars. Was Lara a one star citizen?

“I’m already a one star citizen, of course I can buy a car.” Lara laughed, “A long time ago, I helped out in the military and accumulated enough service merits.”

“Wow, you’re good.” Jiang Li gave out his thumb.

“You’re better, I started accumulating merits since primary school and only just reached one star citizen. You did it in one case.” Lara shook her hands.

“You know about what happened to me?” Jiang Li’s eyes moved.

“You progressed to fast, anyone smart enough to notice would investigate you much less now. We’re in a competition, ahaha.” Lara smiled, “This special training is a preparation test for Astral University. Students with a life force of 1 are all my potential competitors. Astral University doesn’t give out much places in our city.”

“Haha, we’ll see then.” Jiang Li was happy.

“Lara, you’re here?” Another hover car descended from the sky pulling out a long stream of gas in the sky. It parked in the open and a man walked out from inside. He wasn’t driving his own car, the car belonged to his family.

Deng Tianzhao

Life force 1, and had entered Deep Sleep. He was strong himself and had resources to back him up. He was one of those people who were rich and talented at the same time. He had been a highly influential person of the school for a long time.

He was also a pursuer of Lara.

Now, as he came down from his family’s hover car and saw Lara and Jiang Li together laughing and talking, his eyes immediately became cold.

“Uncle Zhi, you go back first.”

“Yes, young master.” The man drove the hover car back into the skies and disappeared with a swing of the tail.

Deng Tianzhao wasn’t a one star citizen so he couldn’t drive himself, he could only let someone from his family drive.

“Today is the day for the special training, why can’t I be here?” Although Lara was smiling, her words brought an apathetic atmosphere to the place. It made people not dare to try to get close to her. It was nothing like the casual and joyful conversation she was just having with Jiang Li.

“Is it Jiang Li? You’re grades skyrocketed this time. Congratulations, let’s get to know each other.” He walked in front of Jiang Li and extended his hands.

Jiang Li also reached out his hands and shook it with his.


Deng Tianzhao’s face changed, his bones inside were aching. He felt that Jiang Li’s hands were like massive pliers grinding on his bones.

They both had a life force of 1 but he was no match for Jiang Li.

At this rate, he would end up looking bad.

Good thing was that Jiang Li let go and didn’t want to cause too much trouble.

“Schoolmate Deng, we’re evenly matched. You’re really strong, we really should get closer.” After he released his hands, he made sure that Deng Tianzhao would not be humiliated.

He was training crazily recently. With adequate nutrition and contemplation of the brain of the universe, normal strong people were no match for him.

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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