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“This martial arts master is too strong. I saw many people who were sent flying with just one move.” Jiang Li was very jealous. If he could have this martial arts master sister at home, his battle skills would at least improve by many folds. However, this thought was impractical.

The whole school couldn’t afford it much less his family?

When the computer determined the life force, Jiang Li sighed a breath in relief. He knew this time he was going to be someone the school would focus heavily on.

Normally, a life force of 0.9 would be focused on by the school. As for a life force of 1, that was even more important. All sorts of valuable resources and opportunities would be devoted on these people.

Today, he was going to be the privilege prodigy of the school.

After leaving the combat testing room, Jiang Li heard a student cursing, “Fuck, why is the examination so hard this time? How could it be a martial arts master? I was dropped in one round and my test score dropped from a 0.9 to 0.89.”

This was a very excellent student, an offspring of a wealthy family. His body was strong and he was fed many supplements. Originally, he had a chance to get a good grade in the exam but he fought the martial arts master in the final battle. Unluckily, he got demerits.

There were many people cursing saying that this martial arts master was too outrageous and was much different from the previous examinations.

Even the influential people of the school who had a life force of 0.9 or more had tense complexions after they came out as if their combat grades dropped their overall grades.

Jiang Li was calm at heart and face. He was reminiscing his fight with the martial arts master.

“principal, the examination grades are out.”

Three hours later, the supervising teachers and students gathered together. All the test grades had come out. The year 12 student’s grades were announced first.

“principal, there are 11 people in our school with a life force of 1. Of them, 10 were in year 12.”

The teacher calculated the statistics with amazing speed.

“There are 11 students with life force of 1?” The principal confirmed hurriedly, “How was the student who got full marks in the literacy exam?”

“His life force is 1.” Another teacher reported, “Full marks for the literacy exam! 4.8 seconds for 100m sprint, fist power is 1 tonne. As for his battle with the martial arts master, he acquired merit points. His practical battle experience is excellent.”

“A surprising black horse has emerged.” A few teachers nodded, “His grades improved so much. He was only 0.7 for his last exam which was very average. But now, he is strong to this degree?”

“Who has the highest grades? Is it still Ou Yang Xing?” The principal knocked his fingers against the table as if in pensive thought.

“Yes, Ou Yang Xing’s life force is 1.1. He is far superior than most people. He has a 70% chance of getting into Astral University. Other than this, Lara Han, Deng Tianzhao, Wang Yunlong, Li Changtian, Xiao Hong, Liana Xue, Sarah Yun, Yelanie Lu and Jiang Li.”

“Okay, these 10 students are the focal point of our resources. Next term, make a training plan for them. We must get them up there. Our school can’t lose face again this year. There wasn’t a single student who got into Astral University last year. If it’s still the same this year, then I can only resign from being principal.” The principal laughed dryly, “What about the year 10 and year 11 students? Are there any outstanding ones? And didn’t you say there were 11 students with a life force of 1? Why did u only read out 10?”

“There’s another student who also got 1! But he isn’t year 12, his name is Jiang Tao and he is Jiang Li’s brother.” A teacher explained, “10 people with a life force of 1 in year 12, add Jiang Tao and there’s 11.”

“Oh so it’s Jiang Tao, he progressed this fast? He really is a genius.” The principal nodded as if expecting such news, “Jiang family has two sons. If both of them could get into Astral University, that would be real astounding news.”

“How many spots for centralized training this year?” a teacher asked, “Is it still 10?”

“No, increase the spots to 50 this year. Make the subsequent 40 students’ families pay 100,000 star coins as enrollment fees. As for Jiang Tao, he is only year 11. University is still far for him but he has great potential. We need to pay him a lot of attention. Furthermore, for all genius students who received a life force of 1 this exam, give them 300 star coins of scholarship.”

The principal started giving out orders and signing documents.

“Without a doubt, an email was sent to me.”

Jiang Li only just walked out of the examination ground when his student chip beeped notifying him of the principal’s email.

“Due to your excellent grades Jiang Li, the school has decided to allow you to participate in an enrichment class of 50 people. Starting from tomorrow, report to the enrichment class.”


Jiang Li replied

He was very excited, he could acquire more resources in the enrichment class. The school, government and the military would cooperate with each other to help the students in the enrichment class.

Ding Dong

“You have 300 star coins of scholarship transferred to your account.”

Before, 300 star coins scholarship was already a lot. But now, he could earn 10,000 just by going to Xu Hua City for a walk. This really wasn’t a big deal to him but every coin mattered.

“Jiang Li, congratulations on getting a good score and entering the enrichment class.”

Outside the examination grounds, a girl walked up. It was Liana Xue. She was the centre of attention wherever she was.

“From now on, we’re be in the same class, we can help each other out.” Jiang Li smiled and replied. Ever since curing Xue Bear’s spiritual condition, he and Liana became familiar.

“This year, the enrichment class was increased to 50 people. There are some of your enemies inside. Now you can go take your revenge.” Liana looked at the distance.

“Zheng Wenbing! Zhang Yue! Yang Wu!” Jiang Li saw these three people immediately and smiled.

Their grades were still around 0.9. It was definitely not over 1.

Zheng Wenbing’s heart felt stuffed when he saw Jiang Li and Liana conversing happily. His face grew dark and left hurriedly after talking briefly to Yang Wu and Zhang Yue.

“They should be in the same class with us, it’ll be easy to take care of them.” Jiang Li watched their backs as they left. He wasn’t just going to beat them up, that was pointless.

He would make their families be on the verge of bankruptcy so that there would be no way for them to ever make it back.

These three thought that the wealthy were superior to normal people. Jiang Li wanted to make them taste what it was like to be poor.

Take it slow, he wasn’t in a hurry. Jiang Li thought to himself.

He now occupied a definite advantage over them.

Because after the test grades came out and his life force was 1, the top ten of the school would be awarded by the Xing Hua City government. They would become influential and the government would give special attention and care to these seed students.

On top of that, he was going to become even stronger.

“Jiang Li, there’s something you must remember. The first in our school Ou Yang Xing has a life force of 1.1. He is the strongest and he has a cruel heart. Try not to stumble into him if you can.”

Liana and Jiang Li walked side by side and warned him. A car descended from the sky, she jumped on leaving a trail of dust behind her.

“I also need to earn money and buy a car.” Jiang Li admired. He had the privilege to buy a car. The profile of a one star citizen wasn’t just for show. It had a lot of privileges.

When Jiang Li got home, his dad was watching television while his mom cooked. When he saw Jiang Li come back, Jiang Li’s dad didn’t ask about his exam grades as if he knew that Jiang Li didn’t do well as it was the case since he was small.

Just as he was about to give his parents a surprise, noise came from the door and he saw his brother Jiang Tao and sister Jiang Xuan walk in. There were many bandages on Jiang Xuan’s leg and she seemed to be injured.

“What happened?” Jiang Li stood up.

“Little sister twisted her foot during the exam.” Jiang Tao smiled, “I have already taken her to the doctors. It will recover after two days of rest.” The sprains were small injuries and could easily be recovered.

“Big brother, I’m okay.” Jiang Xuan’s countenance was full of excitement, “My grades for this exam is 0.7. It is excellent in our class. Second brother is even stronger, his life force is 1! The first in the entire year level. What’s your grades like big brother?”

Jiang Xuan was still in junior high school. Her body hadn’t finished developing so 0.7 was excellent. But if it was in senior high school, that would be average.

“Xuan Xuan, go to rest.” The dad Jiang Zhendong scolded, “Be careful next time. Although these injuries are minor, they still costed Jiang Tao some money didn’t it?”

“Dad it’s fine, it’s just 20-30 star coins. I received 300 star coins of scholarship this time.” Jiang Tao signaled that he didn’t care.

Then mum walked out of the kitchen, “A Tao, you’re the first of your year level! We need to celebrate today.”

“This is nothing much.” Jiang Tao didn’t look so excited as though that was the way it was supposed to be. There was great confidence in his voice, “By the way mum and dad, I have signed a contract with the military. I will be helping in the military and earning some money. I probably won’t be back for the entire winter holidays.”

“This is good, this is good…..” His parents were very happy. Signing a contract with the military was a good thing. You could earn money while receiving great training.

He knew students with a life force of 1 like Jiang Tao were fought over by the military, police, big companies and government institutions. Many companies would come over for a contract.

“A Li, you won’t have much to do this winter holidays right.” Jiang Zhendong knocked on the table, “I found a part time job for you. You should go earn some money and help support your brother.”

“Dad, I have some things so I probably can’t go.” Jiang Li licked his lips.

“What things?”Jiang Zhendong was unhappy.

“It’s okay, if A Li doesn’t to work don’t force him to. Just let him rest at home.” mum came to ease down the situation, “Plus, how much can he earn now?”

“Okay… okay….” Jiang Zhendong was like a balloon deflating. He shook his head and drank some bitter tea.

“Things are like this.” Jiang Li didn’t bother hiding it anymore, “My life force reached 1 in this exam and I was selected to be in the enrichment class. In a few days, I will be receiving rewards and military training.”

His tone was calm but it caused great amazement.


Jiang Zhendong’s tea cup fell to the floor. As if he didn’t hear clearly, “What did you say?”

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