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Having received a compensation fee of 300,000 star coins, Jiang Li felt like he should utilize this money to its fullest.

He wanted to buy more Lunar Essence, for its legendary reputation had stood against the test of time, but it was very expensive. 300,000 star coins could barely buy two bottles.

“Hmm I’ve decided. I’ll buy one bottle of Lunar Essence, and give the rest of the money to my parents whilst leave 30,000 to myself. This way I can buy nutrition serums, cat food and also help my sister. I wonder if my brother needs money. I guess I’ll also buy some stuff for him. However I must reach a life force of 1 after the final exams before breaking it to my parents, as this way everything will be seem legit. If I tell them now, it would be shocking and unheard of.”

Jiang Li came home. The lights in the living room were open, with his parents murmuring lightly. Their murmuring stopped as soon as they saw Jiang Li enter.

“Mum, dad, why were you guys investigated by the company?” Jiang Li acted like he was puzzled, “The police came to our house, scaring little sister and I.”

“Don’t worry, it was a misunderstanding,” Jiang Zhendong hurriedly went to explain, “In fact good fortune came out of this incident, as we have entered the headquarters of the Xue Corporation. We even received 100,000 star coins as a good-will fee. All in all, this incident is over. When Jiang Tao comes home you better not tell him.”

Jiang Li’s parents didn’t know that the problem was solved by Jiang Li.

Originally they had been asked a few question by the police before personnel from the company got them out. They didn’t even know the premise of release, and thought they had been reported accidently.

Jiang Li wouldn’t tell his parents anyway though, as he didn’t want them to worry.

“Little brother cannot be distracted whilst in spiritual cultivation; otherwise his previous effort would be undone. I won’t tell him about this incident.”

“You should also work hard and strive to get a life force of 0.8. It will be easy to find a job once you get there,” Jiang Zhendong doted, unaware of his son’s true power.

Midnight, Jiang Tao came home, and the house was silent. No one knew that a potentially catastrophic incident had been defused by Jiang Li

Everything was at peace.

The second day, in the mountain villa of the Xue Corporation.
Jiang Li consumed a bowl of nutritional liquid and a drop of Lunar Essence in one gulp, and initiated hypnotism. His ten fingers moving lightly, Xue Bear entered Deep Sleep.

After a few sessions of hypnotism, Xue Bear’s face had become lush again, her vitality restored and psychological wounds healed.

Jiang Li came here every day, and would consume large amounts of Green God Nutrition Serum and drops of Lunar Essence to capitalize on the opportunity.

This way, he could contemplate the Brain of the Universe to practice [Spiritual Emperor Seal]. His hypnotism skills have improved substantially, and he had captured some of the essence of hypnotism. His spiritual cultivation had also improved.

His stamina had improved even more. Explosive power could be felt in his every move.

After injecting Super Protein, he had done a body inspection and discovered that all the lost life potential in cells had been recovered.

“Jiang Li, I cannot be more grateful.” Liana Xue had a good impression of Jiang Li. She knew her older sister had entered a peaceful sleep by the smile present on her face.

“No worries. I’ve also gained a lot from drinking your nutrition serums and Lunar Essence,” Jiang Li said frankly, “This is a mutually beneficial thing. From today onwards I needn’t come anymore, for Xue Bear has completely recovered. Our contract has been fulfilled.”

Liana Xue nodded her head. “With your hypnotism skills, acquiring a permit for Secondary Hypnotism would be easy, why don’t you try? Secondary Hypnotists are greatly desired, and you’re already better than most. If you get better and become a Tertiary Hypnotist, you could even create your own corporation.”

If Secondary Hypnotists could get wealthy, Tertiary Hypnotists could become famous and influential stars.

“The final exams are around the next bend, I’ll think about it after that.” Jiang Li wanted to take the examination for hypnotists as well, but the most important thing right now was the final exams.

After receiving acknowledgment from the school, everything else would come naturally.

Also, his hypnotism skills still needed practice.

Frankly, the only way he could hypnotize people was contemplating the Brain of the Universe and using the [Spiritual Emperor Skill]. If he only uses his hypnotism skills, he probably couldn’t even acquire a permit for Apprentice Hypnotism.

From this, it could also be seen how hard it was to become a hypnotist.

“Oh yeah, why don’t you become a hypnotist?”

Liana Xue had the same level of spiritual cultivation as Jiang Li – the second stage of Deep Sleep. In theory, she could also become an Apprentice Hypnotist.

“I’ve tried, but it’s very hard. Plus becoming a hypnotist means you will come in contact with all types of people. I’m not used to that kind of environment.” Liana Xue shook her hand.

She could not become a hypnotist, as hypnotists must learn how to project the spirit to create great charm. Most people have trouble reaching this point. Not all strong men become masters at close combat, and in a similar manner not all people with strong spiritual cultivation could become hypnotists.

In the following days, besides cultivation all Jiang Li did was still cultivation
Though Liana Xue’s had recovered, Jiang Li lost the chance to consume nutrition. Fortunately he wasn’t totally lacking in the supplement faculty for Zhen Wenbing had compensated 300,000 star coins, and in addition to the money he earned from capturing Illusory Fox he could afford to buy Green God Nutrition Serums, which were a thousand star coins per bottle.

Zhen Wenbing had been low-key, and there were no perceivable schemes.

However Jiang Li remained vigilant. He trained hard, and with sufficient nutrition, his progress was surprisingly fast.

He didn’t go to the black market to buy Lunar Essence because he could not bring it home, and must consume at the place. It was a bit wasteful to drink it down in one sitting. This thing was best consumed in drops. Finishing a bottle over a period of ten days was the ideal way to utilize it to full effect.

Finally the days of the exams came over.

On the 30th of December 2250, after his family finished eating breakfast, Jiang Li arrived at school.
The atmosphere was tense, and all students silently prepared.

Whoever’s score stood out amongst the year 12s would receive special attention from the school. The school would give all kinds of support including scholarships, resources and privileged access to some areas. There was even a chance to enter the army to get combat experience.

The school would also try to get students in Astral University at all costs.

All the students of Astral University were the elite of mankind, and were destined to become great leaders. The more students that got in from the school, the more famous it would become. Later, the students would also give donations and help the school out.

In the whole of humanity, there were countless universities competing withfor Astral University.
If Jiang Li could get a place amongst the elite students, even Zhen Wenbing wouldn’t dare touch him, for the school would be the first to punish him.

A lot of school officials were attentive to the results of the exam. Even government officials had vested interest.

In a big class room of the school.

“Students, today is the final exams. I’m sure everyone knows the rules by now. Sit in front of the holographic computer, and there are questions there. The mornings are for humanitarian subjects whilst the afternoon is for physical tests. The overall score is indicative of your life force.”

In the classroom, a holographic computer appeared before every seat, and a systematic voice came from within.

At this moment, even the dearest of friends would not extend their greetings and banter. Everyone was nervous.

Jiang Li felt quite relaxed. Sitting in front of the holographic computer, he steadied his breathing.

The bell went.

He took out his student chip and swiped it on the screen, entering personal details. Immediately many subtitles popped up; language, history, math, physics, biology, psychology, law, astrology… There were a total of thirteen.

All these subjects were hard, as they were implemented by the Education Department to scour for talented people.

Jiang Li’s fingers flew on the screen, answering all questions with great accuracy. His knowledge base was very broad, and since entering Fetal Respiration and training the [Spiritual Emperor Seal], he possessed strong spiritual cultivation which made it easy to remember everything he sees. His comprehension skills also defied the ordinary, and as such any humanitarian subject was a piece of cake.

Three hours later, all the questions were completed.

Beeeep… The screen immediately popped up with a score.

Full marks.

There were a total of more than a thousand questions combined in the humanitarian subject tests, including complex calculation questions that could not be answered in a short time period. But to Jiang Li it was easy.

“Finally finished the test. Thank god it was full marks,” Jiang Li let out a sigh of relief.

At this moment, his score had been transmitted to another holographic screen in the school, with many teachers looking on.

“What! Only three hours to finish the questions, and also full marks?”

“Even theory was full marks?”

Typically, the tests took five hours. Even those that were speedy with fast mental capabilities would take a minimum of four hours to complete the test.

Those that could get full marks whilst complete the tests in three hours were a rare breed. The tests were marked by the computer, and so there was no room for cheating.

This result was part of the student profile. In later years when the student enters the army, or goes for a position in the government or a big company, such stats were taken into consideration.

“Could he be cheating?”

In the surveillance room, a few teachers looked at each other. Even the principal furrowed his brows.

The principal ordered, “Play the tape again. It’s impossible to cheat in front of a holographic computer.”

“Yes Sir!” A teacher replayed the video recording, speeding it up a tiny bit. It could be seen that Jiang Li’s fingers flew on the holographic screen, answering the questions with almost no time lapses in between, indicative of great confidence and knowledge.

To be honest, cheating was impossible in tests, especially one as official as this.

“His answering speed is insane, almost incomprehensible.” A teacher praised, “Look at those complex calculation questions. He immediately found the compatible formula to solve it. His reactions are extremely fast.”

“Who is this student?”

The principal asked one of the teachers.

“He’s called Jiang Li, with a life force of 0.7. He seems to be a normal enough student, I wonder how did he suddenly get so fast?” A teacher found the relevant data.


The principal was shocked upon realizing that there was a star on Jiang Li’s citizen chip. “This student is a one star citizen?”

“Yes indeed. How did he get it?”

“To think he would be a one star citizen. What contributions did he make to mankind?”

“Sir, you’re a one star citizen as well right. But that honor title was due to producing many talented young men. To think this student would have it as well…”

The teachers murmured amongst themselves.

Jiang Li had never been noticed before. Such surges of talent would obviously cause an uproar.

“This student is talented; however humanitarian subjects don’t mean much. The more important one is the physical tests,” the principal continued, “Don’t contact him yet. After he finishes the afternoon examinations will we give a judgment upon his overall talent.”

“Not bad, looks like my effort weren’t wasted.”

Jiang Li yawned and stretched, “I’ve probably captivated the attention of the school with my speed and score. However that’s of no matter. Wait until the afternoon, I will shock them again!”

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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