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Author:Meng Ru Shen Ji



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Updates:Chapter 142 - Facing Cultivators

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Synopsis by Xianxiaworld:
What is unique about this novel is it deviates from the standard backdrop of an ‘ancient’ world and is set in the contemporary future, the Galactic Era. Advancements in technology on Earth has given rise to methods of cultivation and a super breed of humans with unmatched physical prowess. Man has long discovered ways of space travel and have started to invade other planets in bids for resources. In these conquests they come across many civilizations with cultivation techniques, some which are even more powerful than technology...

Back at home on Earth, there is a boy with average innate talent. But one chance meeting transforms his fate, and you and I shall watch him rise to the top to become the Emperor of the Cosmos!

Official Description:
When humans step foot into the Galactic Era, the ancient art of cultivation thrives once again.

Regardless of the times, cultivation is never obsolete. In the Buddhist texts, Bodhi asked Buddha:

“How does one control his heart to become a buddha?”

This one sentence summarises the true essence of cultivation: mastery over one’s heart.

The heart is very powerful, and is the reason why the Monkey King is also called the ‘Heart Monkey’. Everyone’s heart is a Monkey King, master the monkey and one can achieve ascension.

Allow me to demonstrate to you the true essence of cultivation in this book

Translates: Quantum and CassiEast Editor : Orphire

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