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Main Characters:

Jiang Chen

Over a thousand years old before being reborn.

Used to be the strongest in Saint Origin universe.

Yan Chen Yu

Has the Nine-Yin Body(Divine Body)

Big Yellow

Is a Dragon Horse,one of the noblest species in this universe

Side Characters:

Jiang family:

Jiang Chen:Main character

Jiang Zhen Hai:Mayor of Fragrant Sky City.Father of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Ru Long:Mayor’s adopted son.Wanted to kill off Jiang Chen to marry the daughter of the Mu Rong Family.

Jiang Cheng:Jiang Chen’s loyal guard.

Zhou Bei Zhen:Alchemist.In charge of the pill shop.

Mu Rong family:

Mu Rong Zhan:Family leader.

Mu Rong Xiao Rou:Fake Daughter of Mu Rong Zhan.A muscular and ugly girl.

Mu Rong Hao:Mu Rong’s most talented younger generation.Castrated by Jiang Chen.

Mu Rong Tian:Only survivor with an intact cultivation.Messenger to the Lee Family.

Yan family/Misty Rain Tower:

Yan Zhan Yun:Family leader.

Yan Chen Yu:Daughter of Yan Zhan Yun.Nine-Yin Divine Body.

Yan Yang:Yan Chen Yu’s cousin.Strongest younger generation.

Yan Hong Tai:2nd to Yan Zhan Yun.

Yan Meng:Caravan from Crowded Sky City to Red City.

Yan Xing:Caravan from Crowded Sky City to Red City.

Lee family:

Lee Shan Yue:Chief of Lee family.

Lee Chang Ming:1st son of Lee Shan Yue.

Lee Chang Hao:2nd son of Lee Shan Yue.

Lee Chang Hong:Youngest son of Lee Shan Yue.Helping out the Mu Rong family of Fragrant Sky City in exchange for beautiful girls.

Yin family:

Yin Ren:Perverted guy who wanted Yan ChenYu for himself.

Yin Zhong Cheng:Mayor of Silvermoon city,father of Yin Ren.


Old Black:Heavenly Core Demon Lord.Big Yellow planted Divine Sense Seed in his Divine Sense,so he had to listen to Big Yellow\\\'s orders,therefore he became Jiang Chen\\\'s servant.Later on,Jiang Chen gives him a Saint Rank cultivation skill,and he becomes loyal to Jiang Chen.


Saint Origin:Name of universe/planet.All continents are part of Saint Origin.

Divine Continent:Place where Jiang Chen was born in previous life.

Eastern Continent:Divided into 128 Provinces.

Qi Province

Fragrant Sky City

Red City

Crowded Sky City

Silver Moon City

Whirling Sun City

Origin Mountain

Northern Continent:

Western Continent:

Southern Continent:

Realm of Immortals:Only mentioned in name.Jiang Chen destroyed the sealed gate/door that led to this realm,allowing all the saints in Saint Origin universe to enter this realm.


Heavenly Sword Sect(Qi Province)

Valley of Happiness(Qi Province)

Black Sect(Qi Province)

Little Devil King/Han Yan:Met Jiang Chen in Silver Moon City and helped him out in restaurant.

Burning Sky Pavilion(Qi Province)


No Tiers.

Mortal Pills

Earth Pills

Heavenly Pills

Saint Pills







List of skills can be found further below!


Tiers:Low,Middle,High(Qi Jing is an exception,it’s divided into level 1-9)

Qi Jing(Qi Level)

Qi Hai(Qi Sea)

Mortal Core

Heavenly Core

Divine Core

Combat Soul







Normal Weapon

Combat Weapon(low rank,mid rank,high rank)

Dragon Transformation Skill(cultivation):

Allows user to absorb and merge with any bloodline in the world.Once absorbed bloodline,will obtain creatures innate abilities.

Each Dragon Mark formed allows user to strike with a force of 10,000 Jin(5,000 kg).

Once enough Dragon Marks are formed,user will be able to transform into a dragon.

Above Saint rank Cultivation Skills.

Maximum amount of Dragon Marks that can be formed are 108,000 according to chapter 4.Might be able to form more in future.

Innate abilities obtained from absorbing bloodlines:

There are no different ranks for innate abilities.Innate abilities scales with user’s true strength.

Green Hellish Python:

Poison attack:Able to unleash deadly poison.

Poison immunity:Able to withstand any poison weaker than itself.

Blood Winged Hawk:

Blood Wings:allows user to fly with incredible speed.

Sonic Hawk Cry:Release powerful sound waves that causes damage to enemy’s soul.

Combat Skills:

Nine Solar Energies

Rank:Above Saint Rank

Use:Jiang Chen is currently not able to use the skill due to lack of strength

Additional info:Skill was made by Jiang Chen

Six Solar Fingers

Rank:High Earth Rank

Use:Absorbs solar energy and unleashes powerful golden beams.Divided into 6 levels/fingers

Additional info:Skill is a much weaker version of the Nine Solar Energies.It was made by Jiang Chen as well

Other Skills:

Great Soul Derivation

Rank:Saint or above

Use:Allows user to never run out of soul power.

Additional info:Can absorb more soul power than body can handle at the cost of harming user

Divine Bodies:

Nine-Yin Body-Yan Chen Yu

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