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第一百九十七章 山洞修炼




The sound of paper cut resounded. Mister Jin’s protective body True Qi had not lasted that long time of a time under this sword and was quickly divided into two halves. Light blue color sword light had drawn a bloody line across his chest, slanted and clear-cut.


“A sword had actually broke my defense. Die!”


His bloodstained body flew backwards. The expression on Mister Jin’s face was fierce. THe golden middle finger that was hooked on his thumb sprung out. The formidable strength of the finger pierced Ye Chen’s protecting body True Qi similarly, landing on his chest.




Ye Chen only felt that the chest such as was struck by lightning, the sound of rib break may hear clearly, then a huge impulse him to flying.


Looking from Yuan Zongbo’s angle, he did not know who made the first move. He only saw Ye Chen brandish a sword, Mister Jin flicking his finger, and all at once, they flew upside down.


“Hehe, it’s best if two sustained injuries without fail. Five Bloody Eagle Sword!”


Vigorous True Qi poured into to Treasure Sword from above. In the instant that Ye Chen was injured, Yuan Zongbo’s arm changed into an illusory image, suddenly wielding five Sword Qi.


These five Sword Qi were arranged as such, one went forwards whilst two were above and the other two were below, forming the glibness of an eagle. The giant wing as well as that pair of fine steel piercing sharp claws, dived toward Ye Chen in an extremely fast speed. The air that moved along the way was immediately cut into inconsistency and could not gather together.


“I’ve been guarding against you since the start!”


His body was still falling backwards, but it was not known when that Ye Chen’s index finger became illusory. The air around his finger rapidly convoluted and slight ripples appeared.




Not looking, Ye Chen pointed towards the back on his left side.


Peng x6…


Swift and fierce blood red Sword Qi collapsed at the first encounter. The index finger phantomly passed through and landed on Yuan Zongbo’s protecting body True Qi.


The protective body True Qi exploded and Yuan Zongbo snorted. His withered body fell accordingly.


All three were injured without exception!


The situation was such that the three were injured without exception and no one was currently winning.


“This boy is really fucking troublesome!”


Yuan Zongbo and in the Mister Jin were thinking that they were the one in Ye Chen’s shoes, even if their Battle Strength increased by 30%, they absolutely would not be unable to fight with them collaborating. But their attacks were falling into the fighting method of opposite party, continuously being led by the nose. Five points of superiority turned into four points, four points turn into three points, and now three points of superiority had also quickly vanished, ending in a tie where all three of them were injured. .


“If we don’t kill that way, we will never have a day of peace.”


He vomited out a mouthful of blood. Mister Jin scattered some cicatrization medicinal powder towards his wound. When he just fell to the ground, he then crazily fired towards Ye Chen, pulling out afterimage after afterimage.


“That’s right, we definitely cannot let him leave this place alive. Even if we pay a certain price, it will not be in vain!”


If Mister Jin was not here, Yuan Zongbo would have already retreated. Now, with both of their strength, there was an opportunity to kill Ye Chen. Once they let him run away, not only should they be scared in the future, seeing Mister Jin fire towards Ye Chen, Yuan Zongbo was unable to tend to his exhausted body. He solidified a blood coloured True Qi eagle outside his body. The wing flapped and drew a red arc in the air.


It seemed as though both of their attacks arrived at the same time, crushing Ye Chen’s body to pieces.




It was the incomplete True Qi shadow again! Moreover, with three of them stacked atop one another, it looked extremely lifelike. Dammit! They were tricked by this boy again.


Mr Jin and Yuan Zongbo looked around, wanting to find where Ye Chen’s real body was at.


Behind a small mountain that was tens of meters tall.


Ye Chen stood there in a perfectly staright manner.


“Injuring them is already the biggest achievement. Greediness would only lead to the gains not making up for the losses.” He was very clear that having an outcome where all three of them were injured was not because he wasn’t strong enough, rather it was because he was very prudent and meticulous very toward controlling the battle. His Shadow Clone Transformation Lightweight Art was the most important amongst his control over the battle.




Exhaling, Ye Chen’s fist exploded on top of the small mountain.


The entire hill exploded with a bang. The whole small mountain broke into pieces, turning into more than several hundreds of thousands of giant stones and flew out, covering the small hill in front of Yuan Zongbo and Mister Jin.


After finishing all this, Ye Chen left one last incomplete True Qi shadow before his true body dashed towards the distance.


Giant stone was crushed everywhere. Yuan Zongbo and Mister Jin saw Ye Chen’s incomplete True Qi shadow at a glance and were just about to act when they suddenly stopped in their tracks.


“I let him escape!”


After breaking the incomplete True Qi shadow, Mr Jin had an extremely horrible expression on his face.


Yuan Zongbo consoled himself by saying: “For a martial artist to reach the Clasping Yuan Realm level, raising the cultivation level is not a matter of one or two days. There is no need to fear him, after all our present strength is above his. If it weren't for him being sly in many ways, he would have already been killed by us.”


“That’s reasonable. The next time we meet, I will definitely not give him any possible chance to escape.”


The two looked each other in the eye.Yuan Zongbo suddenly backed tens of steps away. His injuries were even more serious than Mr Jin’s. He wasn’t an opponent for Mr Jin when fighting alone.


Mister Jin held regret in his heart. Killing Yuan Zongbo would actually be a harvest to him.



There were ordinary mountain peaks thousands of Li outside Mysterious Heavy Mountain Range with heights of more than thousands of meters, occupying land area of 78 Li. All around was a desolated land with rare habitation.


There was a covert cave on the mountain peak halfway up the mountainside. Outside was sealed up half by the giant stone and was overgrown with weeds.


“Mister Jin’s finger strength is exceptionally overbearing. It nearly pierced the Diamond Jade Body. I haven’t even had half a month of recuperation. It is difficult for me to restore to the peak condition. It’s fine. I’ll recuperate in this cave for a period of time first and conveniently have a look while whether I can cultivate to the 10th-layer of the Great Mysterious Technique. The 10th-layer Great Mysterious True Qi should also probably be above True Qi that in ordinary Earth Level intermediate rank cultivation technique practices. It can inevitably bring up the battle efficiency by a level.”


Sitting cross-legged on the dry ground, many thoughts flashed through Ye Chen’s mind. The Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell was Earth Level low rank Body Forging cultivation technique. Ye Chen had already practiced the body of fifth Secret Art Diamond Jade Body and with this tyrannical body did Ye Chen dare to mutually wound the opposite party. After all that Finger Arts was fierce, but after did not have many greatly possibly pierced through the protects body True Qi unreliably, but can also pierce his Diamond Jade Body, he believed that Mister Jin’s injury was more serious than his, Heart Refining One Sword exactly was so good to withstand.


Obtains from Heavenly Dream Ancient Land as for Great Mystery Art, belongs to the peak goods in Earth Level intermediate rank cultivation technique, particularly 11th-layer, can refine True Yuan that Astral Reaching Realm martial artist can have, definitely will become Ye Chen new trump card, at that time wanted to kill Yuan Zongbo and Mister Jin, on 32 moves of matters, by the present 9th-layer peak boundary, the True Qi quality already and achieves Clasping Yuan Realm late-stage Mister Jin to be equal.


“I won’t bother about these too much. Nursing myself is the main priority now.”


Removing distracting thoughts from his mind, Ye Chen took a healing medicine pill and closed his eyes, meditating.


There was no sun nor was there moon in the mountain.


Ten or so days passed in the blink of an eye.


On this day, Ye Chen opened his eyes once more. A sharp radiant light flashed passed in his eyes, just like a fencer’s sword light and sword Qi that had a sharp, threatening edge to it.


“I guess well, only then fights to be able a quicker progress.”


Approaches in half a month recuperation, Ye Chen cultivation level is thorough, is away from the Clasping Yuan Realm middle-stage only one pace, in addition, did not have any sound Ultra Mysterious True Qi to be ready to make trouble finally, has breakthrough to the 10th-layer trend, it may be said that is the progress fast.


“Strikes while the iron is hot, again walks breakthrough to 10th-layer simply here.”


In the eye flashes through the firm color, Ye Chen stands up from half close cave goes out, after passing one could be mad, returns the cave, and blocks cave entrance thoroughly, looking from outside, only thinks here anything does not have, only then pile of quarry stone and many weeds, no one will note behind the quarry stone to have the cave, in the cave some people are closing up the practice.


Swallowing the three pills, because does not practice True Qi, Ye Chen does not need to use low-grade Spirit Stone, built up Spirit Stone Yuan Qi.


Ultra Mysterious True Qi following meridians route that Great Mystery Art is in sole possession , the slow and powerful revolution, circulates every time, Ye Chen felt that built up to melt True Qi impurity, was away from a 10th-layer nearly point.


The thirty sixth circulation of the circle of Qi.


The seventy second circulation of the circle of Qi.



The three hundred and sixtieth circle of Qi.



Until the meridians pain, Ye Chen just now stops revolution True Qi, sits cross-legged maintains mental tranquility there eyes closed, motionless iota.


The human body has the self- repair function, the martial artist repair function wants the far ultra average person, the meridians along with the promotion of cultivation level, the tenacious degree will increase gradually, it is said arrived at the Astral Reaching Realm level, can continuous working one month of True Yuan, not damage the meridians, but to Sea of Souls Realm, revolution True Qi time ten times increased, operates sufficiently for one year, as for the Life and Death Realm level anything situation, the average man is unable to understand that Ye Chen does not understand whether the practice of Life and Death boundary King is without change.


Similar when the meridians restore, Ye Chen continues revolution Ultra Mysterious True Qi.


The three energies three pill consumptions, day also day-by-day past.


Outside weed withers gradually, ice frost covers above, originally the Black Dragon Empire winter arrived, all living things dreary.


A woodcutter is walking on the mountain road, on the shoulder carries a big wild boar.


The big wild boar is rank 2 Monster Beast, is called the scarlet item of war pig, Qi Practice Realm 78 martial artist are not his match, this woodcutter can hunt and kill the scarlet item of war pig, cultivation level only fears in Qi Practice Realm 8th-floor above.


“Qi Practice Realm below five are average people, I also calculated No. the 1 master in village.” The woodcutters are secretly favorite, looked for stones pile to sit.


“Yeah! The Worldly Yuan Qi here is weird. No matter how I look at it, it seems like its heading towards the cave.”


As Qi Practice Realm martial artist, the woodcutter is not strange to World's Yuan Qi, in the heart thinks that a possibility, stones pile inside has the mystery, perhaps grew Spirit Grass.


Absorbs the World's Yuan Qi Spirit Grass value to be extremely high automatically, sells several thousand two several thousand two gold to be a cinch, if can grow cultivation level was more astonishing.


At the time, the woodcutter heart is hard to take itchy, he also wants to become Condensing Reality Realm martial artist, goes to outside wanderer, however his too old, within ten years does not have this possibility, if there are to grow cultivation level Spirit Grass, all are not the issues.


Thinks to achieve, the woodcutter puts down the scarlet item of war pig, starts to lift the stone.


When moves to 50%, the woodcutter backing up several steps, in the stone seam, had the dazzling blue light to pass unexpectedly, a faint trace, the blue light filled the air, that punctured inner Qi of person to enable the woodcutter all over the body to live coldly, the fine hair was but actually vertical, wants the terrifying several fold compared with rank 4 Monster Beast that he once from afar looked.




The air shakes, has light ripples to proliferate, ice frost of ground along with it chap, turns into grains of ice dregs, ices the dregs to be stave, changes into the white fog, the white fog is blown off, sweeps across toward the four directions, then, only the remaining 50% quarry stone start to rock, make crash-bang the sound.


Sees this, invisible depressing covers to the heart of woodcutter

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