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第一百九十六章 虚伪的金先生


“Less of the chit chat. Leave some things behind and then we’ll leave.”


The index finger on Ye Chen’s right hand slightly separated the space in the air. Beams of invisible finger force shot out from them and encased all around the other party. Only one beam of finger force/energy was remaining in the middle.


The colour on the brown clothed middle-aged man’s face changed. This Space Separating Finger Force could even break through his Zhen Qi handprint. If it were to land on his body, that would be dreadful. However, if he was not mistaken, with the might of the Void Fragmenting Finger before his eyes, the most that it could do was lightly wound him and would be unable to severely wound him. Its ability to eradicates Zhen Qi was very fierce only.


“Gold Fragmenting Finger!”


The brown clothed middle-aged man’s right thumb and middle finger became golden in colour and he flicked them out.




The two finger forces collided and powerful energies were sent flying in all directions.


“Yeah, the strength of the Void Fragmenting Finger has already been offset and should be an Intermediate Earth Ranked Finger Technique.” Ye Chen clearly understood this in his heart. Even though the Void Fragmenting Finger’s grade was very high, but Ye Chen had not even comprehended a tenth of it and was unable to deal with a low levelled Intermediate Ranked Finger Technique. If it did not have the effect of breaking through Zhen Qi, he would be struck by the other party’s finger force.




The index finger on his left hand index finger continuously spotted about, breaking through Zhen Qi. He brandished and waved the sword that was in his right hand as murderous Sword Qi surrounded him. In this moment, Ye Chen’s display of combating strength was at its limit that he had never once thought about before in the past.


The brown clothed middle-aged man continuously retreated. After several times of crossing hands, he approximately gauged that the reality of Ye Chen’s Finger Technique should be a special kind of Finger Technique to break Zhen Qi. Its attacking power was not very high and with the strength of his Body-Protective Zhen Qi, he reckoned that Ye Chen could offset sixty to seventy percent of the power beams. The remaining thirty to forty percent already did not have that much might. The most that it could do was lightly wound him only, whereas the killing power of his Golden Fragmenting Finger attack was above that of his opponent’s similarly if the other party’s Body-Protective Zhen Qi was non-existent. However, the other party very obviously seemed to know of this weakness. Ye Chen used his left hand to display the Finger Technique to break the brown clothed middle-aged man’s Body-Protective Zhen Qi whereas Ye Chen displayed his sword techniques to attack the brown clothed middle-aged man’s weak areas, waiting for an opportunity to injure his opponent’s physical body so that he could not guard against it.


“Flower Blooming Atop The Finger!”


He inhaled deeply and the brown clothed middle-aged man let out a low shout. The ball that he had on his middle finger that he had hooked onto his thumb turned into a vague shadow. Countless pale golden coloured finger force collided in the space and layered atop one another. In the end, it formed a splendid and magnificent golden coloured flower, enveloping towards Ye Chen.


“This attack is awesome!”


Once the golden coloured flower appeared, Ye Chen immediately perceived its structure. The thin petals of that golden coloured flower contained extremely terrifying cutting strength. It was simply impossible for his Body-Protective Zhen Qi to block it. Ye Chen was only afraid that his diamond-jade body was also going to be ground up by that flower. He shoved three medicine pills that could immediately replenish his Zhen Qi into his mouth and swallowed one. He hid the other two in his mouth to prepare for use in a possible period of need. The Zhen Qi in Ye Chen’s body crazily circulated through a mysterious route and finally compressed together, surging completely to his right arm. It then poured into his index finger following a special meridian. His whole index finger turned illusory in a glash and distorted the air around him.




With a point of his finger, the illusory index finger expanded more than ten times larger high up in the sky. It was sufficiently as thick as an arm and was just like a meteor as it droped right in the center of the golden flower.


Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang...


The golden coloured flower exploded into pieces and following that, the illusory index finger also vanished like smoke in thin air.


The brown clothed middle-aged man was extremely shocked. The “Flower Blooming Atop The Finger” was the last form of the Golden Fragmenting Finger. Its might was beyond compare and had actually been blocked. What was that Finger Technique? Could it be that he had underestimated Ye CHen?


“Mr Jin, you and I should collaborate to kill this boy. Otherwise, it would be a disaster in the future.” It was unknown when Yuan Zongbo had appeared beside the brown clothed middle-aged man. Blood was also hanging from the corners of his mouth. The clothes on his right arm was fluttering as though there was no longer any flesh and blood within it.


The brown clothed middle aged man called Mr Jin smiled and said: “I am here only to urge an end to the fight. I have no interest in your disputes.”


Yuan Zongbo scoffed coldly, “Mr Jin, other people do not know any inside information about you and I too still do not know. I do not know how many Martial Artists you have exterminated by appear to others to be trying to stop a fight, occupying their wealth in the process.”


“Heheh, you know quite a lot.” The smile on Mr Jin’s face did not change. However, in Yuan Zongbo and Ye Chen’s eyes, this smile was very dangerous and sinister.


“Then, what do you think?”


Yuan Zongbo said so but he was secretly guarding against the other party in his heart. The wounds that he had received were not light. The blood in his right arm and back had almost been completely drained out by the Small Blood Demon Disintegration Technique and was dried up like a tree bark. If he were to continue exhibiting the Small Blood Demon Disintegration Technique, he was going to turn into a dry corpse and there would no be any medicine in the world that could save him. He wanted to cooperate with Mr Jin in order to completely kill Ye Chen, but he was worried that Mr Jin would betray him by killing him as well after killing Ye Chen. Fortunately for Yuan Zongbo, he had a self-protective power that protected him even if collapsed and he believed that the other party also knew this point.


“I want to mediate a quarrel. Why is this boy killing instinct too heavy that he would kill any human that he sees? He need to know that when it is possible to let people off, one should spare them. The heavens care for all living things. In order to prevent others from suffering from a disaster like him, I have no choice but to cooperate with you and kill this young devil.” Mr Jin appeared and disappeared frequently from the Xuan Zong Mountain Range and would butt in when he came across a life and death battle between Martial Artists, helping the injured party through the form of mediating a quarrel. He would then seize the chance to kill another party. When the time came that the injured party was powerless to compete with him for the wealth, he would naturally take advantage of the other party. Naturally, if there was a chance, he did not mind killing the party that he had cooperated with after having killed one person, monopolizing two portions of wealth. However, this time he was somewhat mistaken. Ye Chen’s combating strength was not considered to be very formidable. However, that Finger Technique of his made him fear Ye Chen rather so.


Ye Chen had a serious look on his face. Mister Jin’s strength was comparable to that of Yuan Zongbo’s when he was at his peak. He was not some kind of simple character, especially since the Gold Fragmenting Finger was able to contend against his Void Fragmenting Finger, enabling him to lose one advantage against the other party. As for the opposite party nonsense, he simply did not to take it to heart. The way of a Martial Artist was always to trod over mountains of corpses and to cross over seas of blood. If humans wanted to kill him, he would then kill people.


After receiving Mr Jin’s reply, Yuan Zongbo knowingly looked towards Ye Chen, “I said before that Xuanchong Mountain Range is your burial ground today.”


Ye Chen dully said: “The next time we meet, I will beat you up till you become a dried corpse.”


“You!” Yuan Zongbo throat contained a mouthful of blood that was flowing in the opposite direction and his eyes were overflowing with killing intent.


Mr Jin shook his head, “The battle to life and death is not the way to resolve things. I will give you a chance. Put down the storage spirit ring on your finger as the compensation for Brother Yuan’s injuries. I, on the other hand, do not want anything, as long as you hand over the Secret Scroll of this Finger Technique of yours and let me destroy it in front of everyone.”


“Can you speak normally?”


With the medicine pill that could instantly replenish his Zhen Qi, Ye Chen was not afraid of consuming Zhen Qi. He exhibited the Void Fragmenting Finger and a void separating shadow shot extremely fast towards the two.


“Stubborn/Stupid/Pigheaded young devil!”


Mr Jin flicked the ball on his finger and a golden coloured flower forged ahead. At the same time, he said to Yuan Zongbo: “Leave it to me to block him. You break his Body-Protective Zhen Qi with Sword Qi.”




Yuan Zongbo caught a color bright red spirit grass to force in the mouth, chewed several times then to swallow down, felt that qi and blood restored a point, his figure flashes, from the sky pulled out the rank red color arc, circled to the Ye Chen back, a sword cut.




The Star-Scarred Sword reappeared in his hand. Ye Chen blocked it with his sword and borrowing the force of impact from the Sword Qi, he accelerated and shot towards Mr Jin. It was as though the Space Separating Finger Force densely covered the void.


“You arrived right on time!”


Mr Jin knew the intricate details of the Void Fragmenting Finger and did not fear to be in close combat as he inched closer towards Ye Chen, facing finger against finger to see who was the first to break off.


Pu, pu, pu, pu...


The speed at which the two fought hand to hand was extremely fast. Tens of fingers had already crossed between the two in the period of coming in contact and separation. Every finger was offset by the other and one could not do something about the other.


“Three Blood Eagle Swords!”


Yuan Zongbo was slightly troubled. This brat was cunning in many ways. Seeing as Yuan Zongbo and Mr Jin had joined hands, Mr Jin immediately chose to engage in close combat. Since then, unless he had also chosen to engage in close combat, if not, he was practically unable to intervene. He had stored this sword up for a very long time to be able to find a chance to unleash it.


It was as though he had grown a pair of eyes on his back. Ye Chen’s real body walked out from the incomplete Zhen Qi shadows, letting the incomplete Zhen Qi shadow take a blow from the sword for him as he plunged towards Mr Jin once more.


“Don’t bother with him. How can two people who joined hands still be unable to deal with him?”


The figure illness dodges, Yuan Zongbo joins the close combat range similarly.


With one finger and one sword, their coordination was not flawless, but there were no major gaps either, as they encased Ye Chen in a controllable range.




Ye Chen’s expression was motionless. His figure shuddered and four shadows swept out and the real one could not be discerned from the fakes ones.




Yuan Zongbo slashed two shadows apart with one swish of his sword. The other two shadows were completely blocked by Mr Jin. After a round of killing, the remaining one was the real body.


“Separate again!”


He swallowed the medicine pill concealed in his mouth and Ye Chen’s Zhen Qi restored to what it was like at his peak. He then continuously activated the Shadow Clone Lightweight Technique. Three Martial Artists’ shadows plundered out and another three followed behind, stacking up one after the other. They attacked the two people from different angles, not giving them the chance to join forces.


“Too problematic. How is it that his Zhen Qi cannot be used up?” Mr Jin rather regretted his actions. Had he known earlier that Ye Chen had so many methods up his sleeve, he should not have been too greedy in his heart. If he was unable to kill him this time, he was afraid that he would encounter a fanatical revenge in the future. This thought did not confrom to his ideas.


Yuan Zongbo shouted out: “Mr Jin, do not hide your finishing blow any longer. You can also see that he is very annoying.”


“Alright, I am going to go all out in slaughter today.”


Mr Jin finger briefly touched his finger on his body a few times and the fluctuation of Zhen Qi suddenly rose as though it was a Secret Technique that could increase one’s fighting strength. However, it was very obvious that this Secret Technique was badly damaged. After displaying the technique, Mr Jin could not help but to spurt out a mouthful of blood and his face was a pale-golden colour.


Aiming a finger towards Mr Jin, Ye Chen immediately flew out after being shaken, secretly saying to himself: The other party’s fighting strength had not only increased by 10%. I cannot delay this any longer.


Until now, what Ye Chen depended most upon was still the Shadow Clone Lightweight Technique. Without it, he was practically unable to dodge many attacks, whereas the Void Fragmenting Finger has the effect on Broken Zhen Qi, but that too was also by far from comparable to the Shadow Clone Lightweight Technique. At present, only that sword move could be used.


The Heart Refining had upgraded following the increase of his cultivation level and was still his biggest trump card. It was very obvious that Mr Jin’s Body-Protective Zhen Qi not comparable to that of Yuan Zongbo’s.


A finger pressured Yuan Zongbo away. Ye Chen’s figure shuddered again and again. It was unknown as to how much destructive Zhen Qi was plundering out. It was a misty field where some were standing shoulder to shoulder whereas some were up and down; some were flying at extremely fast speeds. What was even more fearful was that many remnants of incomplete Zhen Qi shadows were layering upon one another and the real Ye Chen could not be distinguished from the rest.


Two beams of Zhen Qi destructively rushed towards Mr Jin. Ye Chen’s true body was hidden within.




An explosive sound rang out.


A shadow shattered and the surface of another shadow shattered as well, actually revealing Ye Chen’s true body.


Ye Chen gripped the sword with both his hands and concentrated all of his mind on the Star-Scarred Sword. He slashed out from top to bottom and light blue sword light connected to form a line.


Close range Heart Refining!


Mr Jin’s heart was not reassured. The Gold Fragmenting Finger was already unable to displayed its resistance. He hastily stimulated the Protective Body Zhen Qi, reinforcing unprecedented thickness before his body. At the same time, in the instant that he hooked his right middle finger on his thumb, wanting to block the other party’s sword, the sword that hit Ye Chen’s body killed the other party instead.

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