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第一百九十四章 激战原宗博

Chapter 194 - Battling Yuan Zhong Bo


“You have been training in the training area for thirty five days, which goes past your original fee of three days, so you’re going to have to pay for another thirty two day’s worth of use, which will be a total of thirty two thousand pieces of low ranked spirit stones.” said the beautiful lady with a smile on her face.


Ye Chen paid the required amount, but before he left, he managed to glance the representative the representative with a weird look next to him.


While walking on the street, Ye Chen silently muttered, “It’s not a surprise, Yuan Zhong Bo’s gonna quickly find out that I’ve left the martial city, and he’ll definitely catch up, and whether it’s to retaliate or escape, I better be the one to start first, let’s give him what he wants to see.”


After making up his mind, Ye Chen moved along much faster, heading towards the exit of the city.


“Boss, the kid that you had us keep an eye on is heading for the exit of the city.” The door of the restaurant opened, a teenager rushed right in.




Yuan Zhong Bo shattered a tea cup, standing up and let out a laugh, , “Kid, let’s see where you go this time, today the Heavy Serpent Mountains will be your grave.”


Yuan Zhong Bo was completely unperterbed by the fact that Ye Chen ran off without a trace, the pressure of the center of the mountains was ten times greater than it is outside, with a lower power level, there will be greater suppression of power. Yuan Zhong Bo and Ye Chen are similar, it doesn’t matter from which end, they want to be better than their enemies as much as possible.


Looking at Yuan Zhong Bo about to leave, the youth said, “Boss, what about the other half of the spirit stones you promised me?”


“Wait till I come back then we talk, and if that happens I’ll double the amount.”


As the sound came, they disappeared without a trace.



As he was leaving the city, Ye Chen’s stature flashed, falling on the big chain around his thigh. He let out his Qi after that, as if channeling a skating motion and bolted off.




Amongst the people, Ye Chen’s soul could feel Yuan Zhong Bo’s Qi, the enemy was quickly following, and will reach the city’s exit in no time.


Yuan Zhong Bo went out to the exit of the martial city, and could see that he was heading towards Ye Chen who was on the other side of the abyss. He let out a laugh, like a big fabulous bird that was flapping its wings in the air. In moments he reached the top of the chain, and immediately his legs ran at very high frequencies, with his speed increasing exponentially.




Quickly, Yuan Zhong Bo followed along the chain and reached the top of the mountain. Looking down, besides being a few miles, a shadow/blur moved furiousloy, and looking back from time to time, it made him feel nervous.


“Can I outrun it?”


With his clothes moving without a gust of wind, Yuan Zhong Bo leaped into the air, his Qi gushing out, creating a three metre long blood red eagle. The eagle’s wings started flapping, and dove down with a sound, creating a blood red stream in the air.


The two kept up after each other, one running and one chasing, maneuvering here and there.


“Blood eagle power, that’s not Yuan Zhong Bo, so who’s it chasing?”


“Yuan Zhong Bo is an experienced Late Clasping Yuan Realm user, the one in front doesn’t look like his Qi has reached Mid Clasping Yuan Realm, so he could possibly be of the Early Peak Clasping Yuan Realm power level.”


“The Blood Eagle Sword of Yuan Zhong Bo is ruthless, meaning he’s afraid to suffer.”

“What do we do, we don’t know how many martial users the Heavy Serpent mountain will claim, the last time an Astral Reaching Realm user died.”


The Heavy Serpent Mountain isn’t that big, and the number of martial users that come and go are many. The two of them running around the area also came across many martial users, becoming a hot topic of discussion.


“Brat, let’s see where you run!”


Inside the blood eagle’s bundle, Yuan Zhong Bo took out a blade, making a volley of cuts.




The blood red Qi from the sword extended in the air, all the way across, going everywhere, splitting the mountain stones in half. The trees fell one by one, and in moments Yuan Zhong Bo was behind Ye Chen.


A bang sound was heard, in front a hill was blown open, it was as if Ye Chen had eyes in the back of his head. He suddenly changed the line, and took a remote path.


“Hehe, the more far off the better, this way nothing will happen unexpectedly.”


The eagle made of Qi flapped its wings, with carrying Yuan Zhong Bo in hot pursuit.


Slowly, there wasn’t any smoke to be seen, the ground is covered with weeds, growing big and tall, having a thick stalk. It was obvious, the Heavy Serpent Mountain’s gravitational force gave the surviving plants different types of ways to adapt, its’ toughness is beyond the outside worlds’ plants.


Three hundred metres!


Two hundred metres!


One hundred metres!


Yuan Zhong Bo laughed laoudly, “Brat, I suggest you don’t try to run away anymore, you can only rely on your luck for so long, thinking you could actually escape my grasp.”


In front, Ye Chen turned around coldly.


“It’s still uncertain who gets the last laugh.”


“The dead duck has a very tough beak, let’s see how you’ll be laughing soon.”


Yuan Zhong Bo hated Ye Chen’s tone, up until now, the enemy now is pretending to be calm, as if nothing will shake him, but it’s just the opposite, he himself seems very anxious, impatient to kill him, to destroy his confidence.


The two of them were flying at low altitudes, being around ten metres from the ground.



Ye Chen came down, and started to run on the ground.


Yuan Zhong Bo was surprised for a moment, but then laughed proudly, “The Heavy Serpent Mountain’s gravitational force is unusually strong, your Qi will run out ten times faster than in the outside world. Heaven certainly is on my side, let’s see how you run, my eagle will hunt you down.”


A punch was fired, an eagle cry sounded.


The grass in front that was under so much majestic pressure, it was instantly crushed into slag, with the ground following a few metres down, displaying a large fist print.


“What! He dodged it.”


Yuan Zhong Bo thought that this punch would harm the enemy, but he didn’t expect Ye Chen’s speed to increase sharply, in moments he managed to evade the volley of punches.


“It’s worth mentioning, it’s been a long time since I’ve played a cat and mouse game.”


Now, he felt that straight away killing Ye Chen would not have any meaning, after all he’s amassed one month’s amount of Qi, wouldn’t it be better to vent it out a bit.


However he was not too happy for how long it was, the sweat and hairs on his body stood up.




After experiencing countless bloody battles, Yuan Zhong Bo could only feel one type of danger, he subconsciously increased the Qi strength around his body. The blood red eagle that was outside his body was compressed to half its size, its thickness was also doubled, where this all happened in the blink of an eye.


The next moment!


A stunning Qi blade came out from under the ground, which instantly hit Yuan Zhong Bo’s body.


“Brat, don’t you die.” his mouth spitting out blood, although Yuan Zhong Bo could detect danger, he did not know where it would come from, and from below is where the Qi surrounding his body is the weakest, which was instantly punctured by the Qi blade, and he in turn received heavy internal injuries.


The ground split open, Ye Chen’s figure shot out.


“Qi blur! Yuan Zhong Bo’s pupils shrunk, he wasn’t stupid, and quickly guessed how Ye Chen was able to quickly drill underground.


Apparently, when Ye Chen dropped onto the grass at the moment, he did the body splitting method, leaving behind a Qi blur to distract Yuan Zhong Bo, while his real body was in the ground, and relying on his soul’s ability of perception, easily caught Yuan Zhong Bo’s track.


Ye Chen was determined not to let the enemy draw breath, a sword hit, a large light blue sword made of Qi spiralled upwards, with twisting Qi, taking a wind dragon shape towards the enemy.


“Humph, mere insect carving skills, I’ll let you know now, even though I am injured, I can still easily kill you, Three Blood Eagle Blade.” Yuan Zhong Bo coldly laughed, and three swords came out.


Three blades made of Qi with two facing up and one down, the top two blades looked like an eagle’s wings, whereas the bottom one was the eagle’s claws. It faced the wind dragon, and in a moment, the wind dragon was cut into three, went into the air and scattered away.


“An experienced Late Clasping Yuan Realm user undoubtedly should not be underestimated.” With the Astral Marking Sword in his hand, Ye Chen moved toward Yuan Zhong Bo.




Yuan Zhong Bo grinned, the blood red eagle made of Qi flew out from his body.




The blur made of Qi was shredded, Ye Chen’s real body was only ten metres from Yuan Zhong Bo.


“Heart -Refining!”


His body suddenly stood, Ye Chen held the blade with both hands, and cut from top to bottom.




A light blue blade made of Qi emerged, and in the void pulled out a light blue line, the extension heading straight for Yuan Zhong Bo.


“What, so fast!”


It wasn’t once that Yuan Zhong Bo has seen a Qi blade this quick, but it was his first time seeing it on an Early Peak Clasping Yuan Realm user. At this point avoiding it is just too late, a roar was heard, he also held his blade with both hands, a sword mark cut across.




The Qi from the blade and the treasured blade touched, a terrifying shockwave hit, and instantly there a seven to eight metre deep pit appeared. At the edge of the pit there was a spider web that was as shap as blades, any movement, and it could easily cut wood.


Yuan Zhong Bo’s body flew out due to the shock, his face paler than before, which matched his skinny face, with wrinkles all over like white wax, very scary.


“Kid, very good, I underestimated you, but despite your means of Babel, you cannot escape death.”


He was really surprised, although he was seriously wounded by the Qi blade, but it did not reduce his fighting strength, with at least eighty percent left. With eighty percent strength, normal Late Clasping Yuan Realm users aren’t really the same opponents. A kid that killed an Early Peak Clasping Yuan Realm user won’t be handed for capture, but right now he understood, Ye Chen is one of those geniuses that overcome the odds, which means he cannot be compared to other martial users.




A stomp split open the groud, Yuan Zhong Bo looked as if he saw a dead person as he stared at Ye Chen, with both hands on the treasured sword, harshly hitting the ground, with a low voice shouted, “Sword!”




So far only Ye Chen attacked the enemy, and so far he was never attacked, following Yuan Zhong Bo striking the ground with a hit, he felt a majestic fierce blade made of Qi forming, and once it exploded out, it would cut him to dust, no accident.


His body repeatedly moving, Ye Chen split out three blurs/shdows made of Qi.



The earth suddenly cracked, thick blood red light beams came through, easily penetrating the shadows/blurs bodies, without any resistance it went after Ye Chen’s real body.


By virtue of the strength of his soul, Ye Chen had scary flashes several times.


“How can this be? How could he know where the Qi blade explosion would be?” Yuan Zhong Bo opened his eyes, this one blade he himself could not avoid, so he was so sure Ye Chen could not avoid it as well.


The Qi was like water flowing, Yuan Zhong Bo bit and bit his teeth, half the Qi went into the treasured blade, heading towards below the ground.




A seven to eight metre thick blood red beam focused on Ye Chen’s hiding spot, going from the sky.


“Highly Condensed Sword Qi!”


With both hands holding the sword, Ye Chen used his force and cut downwards, instantly, blades made of Qi that were very condensed attacked the blood red beam, offsetting the damage.




The coverage of the blood red beam was too big, the large portion of it that was worrying him was already offset, but the small amount that could harm people wore down Ye Chen’s worn out Qi protection. This time, working very hard to train up till the ninth level peak’s use has come, the amount of Qi was far beyond normal Qi, that thin layer never dissipates, always protecting Ye Chen’s body.

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