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Chapter 192 - Mid Level Training Room


In front of the bizarre building.


Many had come and go, and the martial artists that entered would have a dignified look on their face. Those who exited, left either feeling ecstatic or depressed, giving off a very strange vibe.


Ye Chen paused and leaned over, “Do you think that the second prince you’ve mentioned is actually the second prince of the Black Dragon Empire?”


“Yeah, this person was the thirty-fourth master on the previous Dragon list, he is slightly stronger than Qi Shaofeng.” said Murong Qingchen while fiddling with her golden gloves. After which, they went back to purchase under Ye Chen’s suggestion.


“Judging from your current actions, it seems you fear him greatly.”


“I’m not scared of him specifically. What I’m scared of is the support that he gets from the Royal Family of the Black Dragon Empire. Within the South Zhao Domain, the six martial schools are not the most powerful, but rather the royal families of the three nations reign supreme. If you were to take into account their martial arts levels, the three nations are equivalent to the top six martial schools. Each having tens of thousands, if not, more years of tradition/heritage/history. The original school that was as strong as the Secluded Nine Order have never even once managed to topple the royal family.”


Speaking of the Secluded Nine Order, Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask, “What level of power does the Secluded Nine Order have? All of the forces in the South Zhao Domain combined could not even prove to be a match for them.”

“The five martial schools, and this is the top five martial schools that I’m referring to, have Astral Reaching Realm martial artists numbering in thousands, and Sea of Souls Realm martial artists numbering in dozens. However, the Secluded Nine Order’s Patriarch is a Life and Death Realm martial artist. If it wasn’t for the combined efforts of the Dragon King and the Mysterious Queen, the Secluded Nine Order would have already ensured a unified South Zhao Domain.”


“You mean it took the combined efforts of the Dragon King and Mysterious Queen to kill the leader of the Secluded Nine Order?”


Ye Chen let out a cold breath of air. In the Land of Souls, Life and Death Realm martial artists were a thing of legends. Many have never even seen one in their entire life.


Murong Qingchen showed a dark expression as she explained, “Battling against a Life and Death Realm martial artist is very uncommon. Those with nearly more than three times the strength are only able to drive them back and harming them is pretty much impossible. Even though the Dragon King was already a Life and Death Realm martial artist for a long time, and the Mysterious Queen was stunningly exceptional and had been regarded as the most exalted genius in a millennia, the Patriarch of the Secluded Nine Order was also not an ordinary Life and Death Realm martial artist. Between you and me, nothing could really stop him pretty much under the sun. Perhaps only the Supreme Virtual Emperor could seriously wound the Patriarch of the Secluded Nine Order if he gave his all. But to actually kill him, that would be insanely difficult. Unless the difference in strength is of several magnitudes, then it is possible.”


“So what you’re saying is, the Patriarch of the Secluded Nine Order is practically unkillable.”


“I don’t know?” said Murong Qingchen as she shook her head.


Ye Chen let out a laugh because to him, there was no way in being able to comprehend how terrifying Life and Death Realm martial artists were, and merely jumping to conclusions was definitely trouble.


“Alright, let’s go in.”


Ye Chen did not speak any further and proceeded to walk towards the ancient building.


“Welcome, I’m sure the two of you would like to use our training rooms!” At the lobby, there stood a beautiful woman, and when she saw the two come in, her face showed a standard smile.


Ye Chen nodded his head, “Not bad.”


The Martial City is different from other places as it could be considered unique. Below the Martial City, there contained an evil fire which burned with an unimaginable heat. Should an Astral Realm martial artist be stained by it, they will be reduced to ashes within moments, leaving nothing, even their bones. However, what perplexed people was, if the martial artists trained near the evil fire, the amount of Qi that they were able to gain increased at a much faster rate than usual; which in turn made it easier to break past through the various power levels, producing dozens of Sea of Souls Realm martial artists with incredible feats. They gathered the Qi produced by the evil fire and contained it, making it the Martial City’s only training area. By practicing in the training area, those that were not exposed to the intense heat/Qi improved dramatically, which is why the Martial City had so many martial artists which were chasing after fame. A majority of them wanted to enter the Martial City to be able to reach a higher level.


Of course, entering the training rooms would require you to pay for yourself. Nothing was actually free in this world, anyway.


“Our training rooms in this city is divided into four levels. There is a Low Level training room, a Mid Level training room, then there is a High Level and a Top Level. Although, any training room above the High Level one is exclusive only to the Astral Reaching Realm martial artists. So would the two of you like the Low Level or the Mid Level training room?”


Ye Chen replied, “Give us two Mid Level training rooms.” The heat/Qi in the High Level training area was too intense that anyone below the Astral Reaching Realm would be unable to handle it. Otherwise, the city wouldn’t have to limit it only to martial artists of certain realms just because someone was wealthy enough to afford it, anyway.


“The Mid Level training room will cost you one thousand low-ranked spirit stones, whereas a Mid Level training field will also be included outside. However, the two of you must pay three days’ worth of fees in advance.”


Ye Chen found out about the price of the training rooms from Murong Qingchen, so he wasn’t exactly surprised. He took out six thousand pieces of low-ranked spirit stones and placed it on the counter. Immediately afterwards, they took two jade cards that had an imprint of the numbers sixty-four and sixty-five.


“Would the two of you please follow me?” There was a representative that guided them.

Ye Chen and Murong Qingchen followed along.


Not even a moment passed.


The two followed the representative into two adjacent courtyards.

“The left one is the sixty-fourth Mid Level training area, whereas the right one is the sixty-fifth one. Before the paid allotted time is over, they are yours, so anyone without your permission would not be allowed to enter.”, said the representative.




Ye Chen took out ten pieces of low-ranked spirit stones and handed it to the representative.


“Thank you, I wish the two of you success.” The representative’s face let out a smile. Being only a Condensing Reality Realm martial artist, just having ten pieces of low-ranked spirit stones was quite a lot already.


After the representative left, Ye Chen said, “This time, I think I might need a lot of time for training so if you want to leave first, go ahead. Just leave the bill on my tab.”




Murong Qingchen certainly did not want to spend too much time in the Martial City. After all, her spirit had been continuously broken time after time, and she feared that the training area would not be good enough for it. If not much progress was made, then she would have to go back to the Flying Sky Devil School. After preparing her psyche, she would have to cross tens of thousands of mountains to search for the Sky Devil Flower.


After splitting with Murong Qingchen, Ye Chen then entered the sixty-fourth courtyard.


“Gee, this martial training field isn’t too shabby. I should be able to make a huge progress.” Entering the area, he found an office which had the size of the radius of the field. The floor was paved and neatly arranged with blue-coloured iron stones. In the center of the martial field, there were three metal training piles, where the outer side had many marks such as knife and sword marks of different kinds, which made it rather obvious that it had been used.


Taking out the Astral Marked Sword, Ye Chen took a deep breath and slashed his sword.




A light blue coloured sword qi cut through the air, and made a really deep cut on the training pile.


Because Ye Chen wasn’t sure of the hardness of the training pile, he took out his Dragon Spring sword and merely used it to test its hardness which left a minor mark on the pile.


“Yeap, it’s attack power has increased by a fifth, but a low-ranked treasure sword is just a low-ranked treasure sword which you really can’t compare with a normal treasure sword.”


Looking at the capabilities of the Astral Marked Sword, Ye Chen was very satisfied. But relatively speaking, he was even more delighted by the low-ranked treasure’s toughness. With the Astral Marked Sword, he won’t have to worry about breaking anymore treasured swords in the future.


The courtyard wasn’t really that big. Aside from the small training field, there was only a single building.


Inside the building, there was a living room in the center; while a bedroom was located on the left, and the training area on the right.


The materials used to make the training room was quite unique. It wasn’t made of stone, and it wasn’t metal as well. But by looking at it, it really seemed like a combination of iron woods of different types, where people can *** in it, because it was also a bit chilly inside.


Entering the room, Ye Chen felt the temperature increase. The strange thing was, while in the training room, he couldn’t feel the heat. On the contrary, it ** changed and became warm; whereas the flowing Qi suddenly came alive, acting like a huge river.


Using his spiritual power, Ye Chen wanted to see what other mysteries lied within the training room.


Very quickly.


He realised that there was a pink-coloured gas that had been rising up and gathering in the area. Due to the surrounding walls and areas made of the unique material, it was trapped inside and had ensured no way to escape.


“This must be the evil spirit’s fire Qi! I didn’t know evil Qi would really look like this.”


Ye Chen muttered something, and then proceeded to the plate in the center of the training area and sat there. He then took a Qi Replenishing Pill, a Spirit Replenishing Pill and a Divine Spirit Replenishing Pill and put them in his mouth. Immediately afterwards, he took out two pieces of low-ranked spirit stones and held them in his hands. In this training session, he aimed to achieve the peak-level of Early Clasping Yuan Realm, then he would only need his spirit to follow through. By then, his overall strength would quickly increase.


Closing both eyes, Ye Chen slowly slipped into a trance.


… ... “So what you’re saying is, that little guy entered the training area already.” In the restaurant area, Yuan Zhong Bo was asking a Condensing Reality Realm martial artist that stood in the vicinity.


He merely nodded, “Yes.”


Yuan Zhong Bo gave a cold look “I want you continue monitoring him, and when he comes out, immediately dispatch someone to notify me. I’ve already paid you quite a bit.”



A look of delight showed across this person’s face. In the Martial City, Condensing Reality Realm martial artists don’t really have much of an influence. Trying to use the traditional method of channeling the spirit stones was extremely difficult, which is why it was good that some of the martial artists who entered the city came harbouring a grudge with others. In this kind of situation, those who harboured a grudge would find a few Condensing Reality Realm martial artists to monitor their enemies. Because observing naturally comes with a price, the payment would be in the form of spirit stones.


“You go back first!”


Yuan Zhong Bo waved his hand.


After waiting for the other person to leave, Yuan Zhong Bo’s face lit up with colour.

‘This kid, the training room isn’t capable of everything. If you entered as an Early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, the highest possible level that you could reach in this short span of time would just be the peak-level Early Clasping Yuan Realm, which is still unable to match up to me. When you leave the Martial City, that will be your doom. Afterwards, that Astral Marked Sword of yours, it’ll be mine.’


… ...Inside another luxurious courtyard.


“Second Prince, our people have been observing. We noticed that this person and Murong Qingchen aren’t really that close, which means that they must be normal friends.”, said the old man in black respectfully.


Hearing this, the second prince laughed, “Regular friends, I say it’s ridiculous! Qingchen is an arrogant girl. How could she be associated with him? Unless that kid is an Early Clasping Yuan Realm user.”


The old man in black rolled his eyes, he mused to himself, ‘No one had ever said Murong Qingchen and him having any connections, you merely said it yourself.’


“That being the case, don’t observe any longer. Murong Qingchen has many normal friends, there’s no need to see them one by one.”


Knowing that Ye Chen and Murong Qingchen were just friends, the second prince was delighted by this. He didn’t intend to cause trouble to Ye Chen. After all, the genius have many normal friends, and it would be actually strange to have none.



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