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In front of the crystal counters stood around seven to eight late Clasping Yuan Realm users, they were mostly there to watch what was going on, while the other few were bargaining with the seller.


“This sword is too expensive, can’t you lower the price a bit?”


“Twenty thousand low ranked spirit stones and I’ll take it.”


The shop owner was a middle aged man of around fourty years old with a beard below his chin, he shook his head, “Thirty thousand low ranked spirit stones, no more no less.”


“What about twenty four thousand low grade spirit stones, this is all that I have.”


The man still shook his head.


Looking at this, those that wanted to purchase the treasured sword could not do anything. While they may be late Clasping Yuan Realm users, they only had at most twenty to thirty thousand spirit stones on them, which is already considered to be very wealthy. Outside the martial city, a significant amount of highly ranked Clasping Yuan Realm users could not even come up with ten thousand low ranked spirit stones. Moreover, to train their strength they would need a large amount of low ranked spirit stones, so it is very obvious that they can’t use it all.


“Thirty thousand pieces of low ranked spirit stones, I’ll take it.”


Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng then came along.


The middle aged man took a look at Ye Chen and curiously asked, “You wanna buy?” He had been removed from the martial city for many years, and it was extremely clear that forking out thirty thousand pieces of low grade spirit stones could only be afforded by some old late Clasping Yuan Realm users, whereas this buyer on the other hand was so young. Even if he came from a very famous Martial School he still couldn’t have had so many low grade spirit stones, unless he was the the greatest genius of the martial school, who obtained a lot of treasures and exchanged it with the school.


Ye Chen did not say a word, he instantly took out three chests containing spirit stones from his storage ring.


“Alright, the Astral Marked Sword is yours.” The middled aged man was delighted, he then intended to also sell an Earth Realm martial art which is of a low cost as well, where it has agility, force, and skill as well. Selling it on its own would only be around ten thousand pieces of low ranked spirit stones, but combied with everything else he could take the price up to seventy thousand. Now with twenty thousand, he could then use the extra ten thousand pieces of low ranked spirit stones for himself.


“Tsk tsk, looks like this little guy here’s got too much money! Thirty thousand and he forks it up.”


“I’m very sure that he is a genius disciple within a great Martial School and has been to the Land of Ancient Heritage, otherwise for someone of his age, slogging for four to five years still wouldn’t make up for that many spirit stones.”

“Yeap, this makes sense, just look at the masked girl on his right. It seemingly looks as if she is a Mid/Peak Clasping Yuan Realm user, but the Qi that emanates from her appears to be greater than ours, meaning that she must have really honed her power. The level of her Qi is frightening, seeing those two together, that is definitely unnerving.”


The surrounding Late Clasping Yuan Realm users were all talking about it, some were awestruck, whereas others had greed and jealousy written all over their face.


Murong Qingcheng said in a quiet tone, “It’s too expensive, the best low ranked treasures are worth no more than twenty thousand let alone twenty five thousand.”


Ye Chen didn’t care, “What I’m lacking right now isn’t spirit stones, but rather swords, so no problem.”


There were only two four metred long Astral Marked Swords left on the crystal counter, the were unshheathed, which allowed it to let out a glow so bright it resembled the stars in the heavens. Shining like that, it was extremely uncommon. Ye Chen took one look and saw that it was the best out of the low ranked swords, even slightly better than the Air Splitting Blade that he got at first. If it’s not purchased now, then someone else will come along and buy it, and it will be too late for any regrets.


“Slowly, I want this marked sword.”


The middle aged man was about to give Ye Chen the Astral Marked Sword when a hand was raised and stopped him, they heard a faint voice.


Amongst the crowd, the person that raised their hand to stop the deal was a middle aged man whose face was shaded. He had a dark nose, triangular eyes, a thin face, and a body so thin that a gust of wind could blow him over. However, you could feel that his body emanated Qi which was extremely cold, which meant that he was not to be underestimated.


“This person is the Sky Eagle Castle Martial School’s Master-----the Yuan Zhong Bo the Blood Eagle.” Those that could recognise the thin person’s identity, they immediately fell silent.


“It’s him, this little guy here puts on a good show. Yuan Zhong Bo is an old and trained user of Peak Late ClaspingYuan Realm, any normal Late Clasping Yuan Realm user would not be a match for him.”


“If I can’t get the Astral Marked sword, then coming here to see the fun is alright too.”




The crowd began to make way, they stood near to observe the situation.


Ye Chen’s face sank, his eyes met the middle aged man, who was looking at the other person’s behaviour. If he wanted to sell the Astral Marked Sword to himself, he had every right to do so.


The middle aged man removed Yuan Zhong Bo’s palm and told Ye Chen, “Kid, the sword is yours, what you use it for has nothing to do with me.”


Letting out a breath, Ye Chen took the sword.



Yuan Zhong Bo gave the middle aged man a cold look, “Very good, it’s unexpected of you to not do me the honour, you seem quite confident with yourself.”


“The middle aged man did not have a shred of fear, “Well we are in a line after all, of course I’m confident, this sword was bought by him already and he has paid for it, so now I’m giving it to him.”


There was a glint of muder in his eyes, which if it wasn’t for the fact that if this wasn’t the Martial City, which prohibits fighting, Yuan Zhong Bo would have already killed the middled aged man. Where else could this sort of nonsense be pulled, and now the Astral Marked Sword is in Ye Chen’s hands, even with constant threats the middle aged man did not have any of it left.


Turning towards Ye Chen, Yuan Zhong Bo said, “Hey kid, name your price, sell this sword to me, and choose your words carefully.”


Keeping the blade, Ye Chen replied, “Apologies, but it’s not for sale.”


Yuan Zhong Bo’s squinted his eyes, “You might want to reconsider what you’re saying.”


“This certainly is a clear outcome, and now we have some business to attend to, goodbye.” Ye Chen did not want to cause any trouble with the ZhongBo family, these were not the kind of people who could be persuaded out of their goal, so talking would not amount to anything, but merely a pure waste of time.


“You little man, you’re dancing with death, don’t think that the Martail City can protect you one little runt. Once you’re out of the city, I’ll think of ways to make you hand over the sword. Of course, at that time the sword won’t be enough to solve the problem, there will be a bit of interest taken too.” Yuan Zhong Bo was so angry that it looked like he was about to spit blood, it went up to his face and made it look bright red with anger. He immediately clamped his fists, which showed the blue veins popping.


With regards to Yuan Zhong Bo’s words, Ye Chen pretended as if not to hear them. Once out of the city, everyone had to depend on their own capabilities, and if a few words would scare him, then what was the point of coming to pratice. Staying in the Sky Cloud Martial School, isn’t any better, but at least there would be Astral Reaching Real users who would provide protection.


Looking at Ye Chen, everyone was shocked.


“This kid’s not playing, he didn’t give a damn about Yuan Zhong Bo.


“Though it’s gonna be difficult for Yuan Zhong Bo to kill him! The masked girl at his side is really strong, the two joined hands, but it doesn’t mean they can harm Yuan ZhongBo.”


“Who would depend on a woman.”


Listening to all the people talking, Yuan Zhong Bo heard a distinct sound, he knew that Murong Qingcheng’s was very loud. However, he only had the confidence to kill Ye Chen, and then calmly leave. His eyes showed a sense of sophistication, Murong Qingcheng and Ye Chen were only regular friends, and they will eventually part ways. At that moment, he wanted Ye Chen to die without a grave, this would be the punishment for defying Yuan Zhong Bo.


After adjusting his clothes, Yuan Zhong Bo turned and left. He wanted to hire some people that could monitor Ye Chen, those that were stealthy enough to slip away without him knowing.


At the other side of the hall.


Murong Qingcheng said, “ That Yuan Zhong Bo isn’t going to be easy, based on your strength I estimate it to be slightly inadequate.” she didn’t want to crush Ye Chen, so she used the words ‘slightly inadequate’ instead, which is to say that Ye Chen’s option would be to run whenever he meets Yuan Zhong Bo next, and the eascape part would also be a question as to whether that is possible as well.


“An experience without danger is what I call meaningless, it’s good for the person.” Ye Chen wasn’t in the least bit concerned, he now had a way of ascending his previous strength level, and also another secret method to increase his force on this method. If he had one month’s worth of training, his strength level would increase a level, until the point where he wouldn’t be afraid to face Yuan Zhong Bo and even let him run scared. Of course, if he wanted to reach Early Peak Clasping Yuan Realm level, that would be a surer thing.


“Spoken as it’s true.”


“Murong Qingcheng nodded her head.


After buying the Astral Marked Sword, the two didn’t immediately leave, the trading hall had too many treasures, where some of them probably weren’t even necessary for them.


As they walked, Murong Qingcheng suddenly stopped in front of a crystal counter.

At the crystal counter, a pair of golden gloves were displayed on it. It looked to be very thin, but it emanated an amazing amount of spiritual power.


Looking at the price of it, Murong Qingcheng shook her head, she didn’t plan on buying it.


“This pair of gloves doesn’t look too bad, why not get it,” said Ye Chen


“I don’t have a lot of low ranked spirit stones with me at the moment, and besides, I already have a pair of gloves.” Being the Flying Sky Devil School’s second disciple, Murong Qingcheng had already been suing a pair of low ranked gloves, but comparing it with this pair of gloves on display, hers were clearly inferior.


“It’s only twenty three thousand pieces of low grade spirit stones, I’ll help you pay for it, think of it as a way of me thanking you for taking me into the Martial City.” Ye Chen simply took out two large chests and three small ones.


“Well thank you.” Murong Qingcheng was practing the dark arts works, which didn’t really change it much.


“DaoChen, why should he help you pay, I’ll give this pair of gloves to you.”


It was at this time that a youth wearing a bright shirt moved in front of Ye Chen, he took out some low grade spirit stones and gave it to the seller.


Looking at this person, Murong Qingcheng could not believe it, “ Second price, what a coincidence!”

“Indeed! It is a coincidence.” The young man did not look very attractive, but he definitely emanated royal Qi. Behind him stood four old men in black clothes who accompanied him, they did not look like they were working under Yuan Zhong Bo, and it was very obvious that the leader of them is a Late Peak Clasping Yuan Realm user.


“I still think it doesn’t count, this pair of gloves wasn’t what I intended.”


Murong Qingcheng did not want to accept their gifts.


The young man turned around, “ Why, didn’t you want to buy it earlier?


“Just now was just now, now I don’t like it. Ye Chen, let’s go.” Murong Qingcheng turned and left, with Ye Chen following her cluelessly.


The young man gave a forced smile, if it was Ye Chen paying then it’s alright, but the same wouldn’t be accepted if it was him. This was outrageous.


“LiuLau, send a few people to monitor them, see what that kid and her have together.”


“Yes, by your command.” said the leader of the guards in a respective tone.


“It be best to not have any relations, or else you can’t blame me for what happens next.”


After seeing Ye Chen in a hateful manner, the young man threw away the golden gloves and left.


原宗博 -written as Yuan Zhong Bo

他现在拥有破虚指第三式的修炼方法,又有增幅轻功秘法浮罗三玄诀 --was not particularly sure about this sentence

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