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Ye Chen - The main character of the book. His soul traveled and blended with another soul in another martial world after an explosion.

Ye Tianhao - Ye Chen’s father, the leader of the Ye family.

Shen Yuqing - Ye Chen’s mother, an inner master of the Rudra Martial School.

Ye Batian - Ye Tianhao’s brother, an inner master of the Purple Sun Martial School, No.1 warrior in the Ye family.

Ye Feng - The oldest son of Ye Chen’s eldest uncle, joined the Purple Sun Martial School.

Ye Tang - Ye Batian’s son, Ye Feng’s brother; joined the Northern Snow Martial Academy

Xu Jing - One of the core disciples in the Sky Cloud Martial School, rank 23.

Zhang Haoran - No.1 outer disciple in Sky Cloud Martial School; champion of the Mu Ren Gang.

Wu Zongming - Ye Chen’s friend, a disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School; second place of the Mu Ren Gang

Mu Fengyuan - An inner master of the Emerald Martial Palace.

Luo Xinglie - The leader of the Sky Cloud Martial School.

Luo Hanshan - The son of Luo Xinglie; Childe Hanshan

Ji Xueyan - Ex fiancée of Ye Chen, a disciple of the Emerald Martial Palace

Liu Wuxiang - One of the top four core disciple in the Emerald Martial Palace, with the title of “Broken Palm”

Huang Bingwen - An inner disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School.

Ye Hai - Ye Chen’s relative/ friend, followed his mentor and traveled the world.

Ye Ming - Ye Chen’s third uncle’s son

Xu Tai - The head leader of the Wind Rider Security Company.

Xu Mei - Xu Tai’s second daughter

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