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Synopsis by xianxiaworld:
Dominating Sword Immortal is one of the top ten books in China. The main character Ye Chen, was a university student in the 21st century before dying in an explosion of a failed experiment. His soul wandered the universe before entering another world. A world of martial arts. There he fused his soul with another’s soul and body. Using the memories of his past life, he quickly integrated himself in his clan and was integral to its rise in power. Because of the fusion of his soul and the original soul of the vessel, his talent and potential in martial arts evolved into an unimaginable level that allowed him to comprehend martial arts at an inhumanly fast speed. Throughout the rise of Ye Chen, geniuses in the world of sword art revealed themselves one after another, what other kinds of storms and thunders will he bring upon this world?

Official Description:
On this land of real souls, with millions of different martial art institutions, there’re so many strong fighters just like the trees in the forests. Among all, a mediocre apprentice from one of the mediocre institutions suddenly became a martial art genius after a mysterious incident, not only has he got a photographic memory and keen perception but he also came to discover that his ability to comprehend martial arts is astronomically good, which eventually made him an almost godly existence. From the hot-blooded intense battles to the clashes between the top geniuses, Martial art is no longer limited to the mortal world, it reaches to a level that can do everything from controlling the oceans to flying up the sky and diving under the ground.

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