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Chapter 58 - Grapes

There were many intriguing things in this world, for instance, friendship.

The moment Qinghan vowed not to join their competition in chasing Qingcheng, both Feng Zi and Hua Cao had begun to call him brother, and good friend. As for Shuiliu and Wuhen, though they didn’t make any intimate exchange with Qinghan, they had managed a pretentious smile whenever Qinghan glanced at them. If it wasn’t for the campfire party in the evening, they wouldn’t waste their passion in order to ingratiate Qinghan, in case he played a trick on them.

The island of the Tranquil Lake boasted not only breath-taking sceneries, and fresh air, but also exotic architectures. However, compared with other prominent families, the total number of buildings on the island wasn’t worth mentioning. Actually, the whole island was divided into three main sections: the eastern yard, the western yard and the northern yard. The houses located in the eastern yard were mainly used as guest rooms, for most of the time, they were vacant; the western yard was built for the young descendants of the Yue family, so the number of houses here were comparatively larger, than those in the eastern yard; and the northern yard was where the seniors of the Yue family lived. Usually, people could only overlook this place from afar, as ordinary people weren’t allowed to visit here.

Unlike the Ye Castle, or any other family, which encompassed thousands of buildings, the size of this island was almost pathetic. There were, in total, eight hundred houses throughout this island. Nevertheless, the design of these houses here had a style of their own – they were all made from bamboo, all of them. In the center of the island, there stood numerous giant trees, and in between these trees, the bamboo houses would come into view, which made this place quite unique. Some of the houses were plainly-decorated, some were flowing with a soothing aroma, and others looked rather user-friendly. No wonder, that the girls from the Yue family could all become beauties. When they grew up, the fresh air and pleasant environment contributed a lot to their delicateness.


The crowd of young lords was arranged to rest in a small yard, named the Emerald Green Garden, where there were six to seven houses and a large hall. Right now, they were all sitting in the large hall.

“Young lords, please take a rest here. In the evening, I’ll lead you to the campfire party!” Yue Niang said discreetly, as she held a tray that displayed a kettle of tea, and some delicious snacks.

After filling the cups in front of each young lord with tea, she gave out a mysterious smile. As soon as she clapped her hands, several beautiful girls in red clothing walked seductively into the hall in succession. In front of all the young lords, these beauties bowed to them all by softly bending their knees and waist.

“You know, the campfire party will be held in the evening, so I called these girls to accompany you to kill the time. Make yourself at home. I’ll go now, see you later!” Yue Niang explained, before she left.

“Oh! Make ourselves at home?”

The young lords began to whisper with each other, trying to figure out what this meant. On second thought, they all smiled viciously. Obviously, these girls were taken here to entertain them. Most importantly, they could play with these girls in whatever way they liked!

The girls were all gorgeous, for the Yue family wouldn’t ask normal-looking girls to entertain the young lords from the other prominent families. Looking closer, the girls were all wrapped in long-sleeved dresses, and their faces were as delicate as jade. It was the combination of their shyness and seductiveness, that would probably make any honest man take his pants off.

Apparently, these girls were lineal descendants of the Yue family, and their enchantment skill had reached such a level, that even by standing there still, they would able to make the man who looked at them arouse his evil desires, which would spiral their androgen in the process.

[Note: androgen is a male sex hormone.]

“Oh, My gush!”

Shuiliu was the first one who had some “responses” - he swallowed a mouthful of saliva, as one could see his Adam’s apple slightly wriggling. Interestingly, in order to conceal his awkwardness, he immediately picked his cup of tea up, and forced a coughing fit.

As a regular guest of the Yue Pavilion, Shuiliu knew these girls well, and he was desperate to have an unscrupulous night with them. He could feel, the thing inside his white robe was slightly rising up.

However… he had to control himself and calm down, like the other the young lords did. All of them had to restrain themselves from any physical responses.

Why have these young lords come to the Summer Fire Festival? For the holy virgin! Right now, for them, patience was virtue! Before they won the bid for taking away Qingcheng, they had to behave themselves.

The only one who wore a natural, relaxed expression was Qinghan. Since he had given up his chance to chase Qingcheng, he had nothing to worry about. Blatantly, he smiled at the girls with narrowed eyes, clicking his tongue in admiration.

“Hey, beauties, each one of you, please find a young lord and take a seat.” Qinghan instructed the girls in a playful tone, as he glanced at the rest of the young lords.

Actually, this scene reminded Qinghan of his previous life, when he was in a nightclub, where rows of women would step into a private room, call the guest big boss, and stand in front of him to be chosen. Obviously, however, the girls here on this island were much more superior to those who worked in a nightclub.

“No, just stand where you are!”

Almost at once, the other young lords screamed out, in a repressive, bitter tone.

“Qinghan, help yourself if you’re interested in any of these girls. As for me, I’m a little bit tired now.” Feng Zi winked at Qinghan, hinting that he understood Qinghan’s urge as a man.

At the same time, Hua Cao also replied with a blushed face, “Qinghan, please enjoy them. But, you know, I’m not used to this kind of situation.”

“Yeah, I agree with both Feng Zi and Hua Cao.” Shuiliu nodded like a woodpecker, while Wuhen lowered his head in silence.

“Oh! I see…” Qinghan tasted his cup of his tea, before he laughingly said, “Since you guys are all exhausted, I suggest the girls to perform some dirty dances, to cheer our young lords up!”


The other young lords glared at Qinghan with their lips parted, as they had never thought that Qinghan could be so shameless.

Disregarding the discontent from the other young lords, Qinghan fiddled with the leaves of his tea…

The girls immediately bowed to them all and left. When they came back once again, their clothing was still red, however… much less than before – They were all wrapped in a piece of see-through dress, revealing their bras, and extremely short lace skirts. Soon, inside the lobby, they began to dance.

The dance was excellent. However, the dancing girls, due to their clothing, were even more attractive than the dance itself! Their bodies kept shaking back and forth, making the hall filled with hotness. The sound of swallowing saliva, the shivering of the Adam’s apple, and the noise of heavy breathing, together with Qinghan’s clicks of his tongue, echoed over and over again throughout the hall.

“Enough! I appreciate your performance, girls. But, please just go away.” After finishing his fourth cup of tea, Wuhen felt that his body was uncontrollably hot, so he yelled at the girls.

“I agree. I… I don’t feel relaxed at all!“ Feng Zi also quickly finished his cup of tea to calm himself down, before he panted these words.

“Right, stop it!” Shuiliu cried out.

As for Hua Cao, without making a sound, he lowered his head, refraining himself from seeing these beauties in front of him, as though these girls were poisonous.

“Hey, come on guys, don’t be such a killjoy.” Qinghan picked a grape from the nearby table, and put it into his mouth, “Hmm, I have to say, we have to cherish this opportunity to enjoy such treatment from the Yue family. Don’t you think the girls are fabulous?”

“The dance isn’t bad, actually. ” Feng Zi was mad at Qinghan’s intentional spoof, but he had to behave politely anyway, “Nice as it is, we aren’t used to such a form of dancing. If you like it, Qinghan, we all agree to let all these girls serve you.”

“Right! Qinghan, they’re all yours!” Hua Cao raised his head, and said sincerely.

After exchanging a look with each other, both Wuhen and Shuiliu spoke almost simultaneously, “Agree. We’re also not used to these girls. Please have a great time with them, if you want, Qinghan.”

“Oh! I never knew you guys would be so generous!” Qinghan laughed out.

“Son of bitches! If it isn’t for the upcoming Summer Fire Festival, each of you would certainly take a girl away.“ Qinghan thought to himself. However, in order to be in line with their hypocrisy, he replied, “I’ll feel indebted to you all, if I take all of the girls.”

“You’re welcome. There are bedrooms over there!” Feng Zi stood up, enthusiastically showing Qinghan where the rooms were by stretching out his muscled arm.

“Haha, I think it would be disrespectful to decline your good intention!” Qinghan stretched himself lazily, trying to pull himself together after sitting on the chair for such a long time. Soon afterwards, he walked directly towards the girls, “Since the other guys failed to appreciate your beauty, girls, please come with me and let us have a study of the body. How’s that?“

The girls responded with shy smiles, as they followed after Qinghan.

“Hey, guys, I’ll have a good rest now. I’m looking forward to your performance at the evening party!”

As Qinghan left the hall, he shouted over his shoulder, as he giggled.

“Son of a bitch! Qinghan is such a lousy guy. He is so bold-faced.” Looking at the back of Qinghan, Feng Zi clenched his fist.

“I hate those who place romance above friendship. In the future, if I’m coming out with Qinghan, I’ll refuse to admit he’s my friend…” Hua Cao spit out, as his eyes kept lingering in the direction of the room Qinghan and the girls had entered.

“Ye Qinghan really has the effrontery to do such disgusting things!” Wuhen swiftly waved his folding fan, as he vented his anger.

Only Shuiliu sat there, not saying a word, as he was holding several grapes between his fingers, pinching them hard…

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