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Practically at the same time that Fang Lin charged to where Bai Xiaochun was, a loud sound similarly resounded from the place where the Jiu Dao was. His silhouette was similar to that of a devil as he slowly rose into the sky.


With hair flying upwards, the clearer runes on his whole body were sparkling. Those runes were no longer chains that twisted around his body, rather, all of them completely dispersed and surrounded a region within tens of Zhang in his surroundings. These runes were black in colour and bursts of power that completely obliterated life continuously exploded out in the surroundings. A burst of intent to perish glinted in his eyes.


His imposing manner was stronger than Fang Lin’s by a head!


“Fang Lin, go and kill Bai Xiaochun. I am going to kill Gui Ya. If I had not been delayed for a period of time by battling you, how could I become the fourth person to achieve Foundation Establishment. I am not unable to breakthrough the Eighth Tide. Gui Ya, after I kill you and absorb your Earthen Pulse Qi, perhaps I still have the possibility to succeed!” Jiu Dao looked up at the sky and roared. His voice revealed his endless hatred. Compared to Bai Xiaochun, he hated Gui Ya even more. Especially since the thing that affected the failure of his last attack was due to Gui Ya’s sudden appearance.


As for Song Que, he similarly hated him and also did not have the intention to let him off. However, he had to first choose one and in this moment, the person he chose was Gui Ya.


With a sway of his body, his whole being emitted a fearful pressurising aura of a Foundation Establishment as he made a beeline for where Gui Ya was at, rising high into the sky as he left.


“Jiu Dao and Fang Lin already do not have the right to chase up to me. Only Bai Xiaochun and Gui Ya… However, these two people each have their own interferences. This is my chance!” Seeing as matters were such, Song Que heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and started working on the Eight Vortex/Whirlpool layer with all his strength in this moment.


At the lake, the water in the lake had already long since disappeared and taken the shape an enormous deep pit. Under the deep pit, protective light was distorting outside the cave dwelling that Bai Xiaochun had dug out. The hundreds of disciples from the disciples from the three sects who were in the surroundings were currently bombarding the protective light. Seeing that not even a hundred layers remained at the protective layer here, Fang Lin’s figure suddenly rushed over at a terrifying speed from afar.


With a quick speed, Fang Lin approached in the blink of an eye. He did not stop, rather when he raised his right hand, a Heaven and Earth Furnace Cauldron metamorphosed behind him. It suddenly expanded and ferociously pounded the protective light screen.




A loud sound rumbled out, causing hundreds of people in the surroundings to go deaf. When they were retreating in shock, there were even many who spat out fresh blood due to the shock and even more so after seeing the current Fang Lin who had succeeded in breaking through to the Foundation Establishment level.


The might of the Heaven and Earth Furnace Cauldron was even more stunning beyond compare in this moment. With one attack from the Heaven and Earth Furnace Cauldron, all of the hundreds of protective layers completely collapsed, immediately breaking into pieces.


“Bai Xiaochun!” Murderous intent flashed in Fang Lin’s eyes. In this instant that he was just about to step into Bai Xiaochun’s cave dwelling, Bai Xiaochun who was in the cave dwelling suddenly raised his head and his eyes were completely red.


“Fang Lin!” In the instant that Fang Lin walked over, Bai Xiaochun activated all of his last talismans that amounted to more than six hundred.


Banging sounds spread in all directions in a flash. More than six hundred layers of protective light screens blocked Fang Lin outside.


“Dammit, he actually still had talismans!” Fang Lin furrowed his brows. He had just reached the Foundation Establishment level and still had not completely adapted to it. As such, it was difficult for him to exhibit his full combating strength in a short period of time.


On the other hand, the disciples from the other three sects who were in the surroundings also widened their eyes in surprise, inhaling deeply. They were completely shocked by Bai Xiaochun’s financial resources. They clearly knew the value of the talismans. Counting them now, they realised that Bai Xiaochun had actually taken out more than a thousand talismans. Every single one of them were immediately amazed.


“He… Exactly how many talismans does he still have?”


“Dammit! Other people’s protection when they were at the Foundation Establishment Level were either Formation Arrays or Techniques. However, on his end, everything is unexpectedly talismans!”


“No matter how many more talismans you have, it is useless. Don’t think that your Eighth Tide will succeed!” A vital glow flashed in Fang Lin’s eyes and he attacked once more.


Loud sounds resounded out and in his heart, Bai Xiaochun was not only anxious but even more so, he was angry as he sat inside the cave dwelling.


He knew that it would still be alright if Fang Lin was not there. In this moment, Fang Lin had came to battle him after succeeding in breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Level. Therefore, this protective light screen could not obstruct him much longer.


“He had just reached the Foundation Establishment level and should have not adapted to it yet. This is a chance!” Bai Xiaochun gritted his teeth and forced himself to ignore the rumbling outside, wholeheartedly immersing himself in quickening the rotation of the Whirlpool/Vortex inside his body.


The Eighth Whirlpool/Vortex layer in his body was getting faster and faster. Following the disappearance of the protective light screen outside; following Fang Lin’s attack as well as the bombarding of more than hundreds of people from all around, time passed. When only very little of the protective light screen was remaining, Fang Lin was suddenly anxious and his complexion changed.


“Not good!”


It was in this moment that the Eighth Whirlpool/Vortex in Bai Xiaochun’s body abruptly stopped.


The Eighth Tide… was a success!


The ferocious attack towards his whole body suddenly diffused and the eighth spirit sea layer impressively appeared above the seventh spirit sea layer in his body. In the same moment, the Eighth Whirlpool/Vortex above the Heavens was caln. On the other hand, it seemed as though the Ninth Whirlpool/Vortex was about to appear.


“My Ninth Tide would be… Undying Longevity Technique!” The expression on Bai Xiaochun’s face revealed franticness. In this moment, he was staking everything. In this moment, he was operating the Undying Longevity Technique. Silver light was curled around his whole body and more faint golden light appeared.


Following the activation of the Undying Longevity Technique, the Whirlpool of the Ninth Tide that appeared in the Heavens suddenly… appeared in a rumble!


In the instant that it appeared, both his eyes were heavy as if they had no power to support them open. He could only close them slowly as his whole body feeled as though it was exploding in this instant!


Regardless of what they were doing, the minds of everyone in the whole of the Meteoric Sword World simultaneously shuddered, completely dumbstruck.


“The Ninth… Tide…”


“The Ninth Tide… had actually really appeared!”


“The last time that it appeared was eight hundred years ago. My gosh…”


Fang Lin was staring with his eyes wide open, his body shuddering and there was even more red light in his eyes as he stood outside Bai Xiaochun’s cave dwelling. He was unable to accept the fact that there was someone who was able to make the Ninth Tide appear when he was at the Seventh Tide himself.


Jiu Dao who was currently bombarding attacks towards where Gui Ya was at also suddenly shook in this moment. He suddenly raised his head and stared unwaveringly at the direction where Bai Xiaochun was at with a sense of urgency in his breathing.


“Spirit Creek Sect… The Ninth Tide, we definitely cannot let the Ninth Tide appear once again!” Jiu Dao immediately gave up on his personal grudge with Gui Ya . He suddenly sped along, heading straight to where Bai Xiaochun was at.


At the same time, Song Que’s breathing was also laboured, but the look in his eyes was overflowing with the intent to battle. His Eighth Tide also had indications of collapsing due to Bai Xiaochun’s Ninth Tide. He had a decisive expression on his face as he made a hand seal with both his hands, ferociously patting the ground. A rumble rang out and slight breaking sounds rang out from the nine areas/regions outside this Meteoric Sword World. It was as though he was piercing through this world and forcibly drawing out a burst of Earth Pulse Qi, using a special method to fuse it within his own body and to finally stabilise his Eighth Tide.


Gui Ya fell silent as he felt Jiu Dao heading far off. His expression waned slightly and even more so had a feeling of displeasure. However, he had no choice. He had already felt that his own Eighth Tide that was originally already on the very of collapsing had already started to collapse because a Ninth Tide had appeared in this world.


Shangguan Tianyou was currently condensing the Fifth Tide. All of his confidence and loftiness thoroughly collapsed in this moment after it felt Bai Xiaochun’s Ninth Tide.


“A bastard that did not have parents to educate him and only knows how to be wacky, the kind that is a disgrace could actually also reach the Ninth Tide. This is a joke that is as big as the sky!” Shangguan Tianyou let out a mournful laughter.


Beihan Lie was bitter and astringent as he tightly clenched his fist. He felt defeated again and again from Bai Xiaochun, but he had never surrendered nor given up. It was the same now. As he gritted his teeth, his desire to surpass Bai Xiaochun was even more resolute.


After everyone in the whole of the Meteoric Sword World briefly fell silent, Fang Lin and Jiu Dao’s voice resounded all around in this moment.


“Three sects, believe me. I definitely would not allow another appearance of a Ninth Tide again. You guys know what to do!”


“Kill Bai Xiaochun, prevent him from reaching the Ninth Tide and let the Earth Pulse Qi return. Mysterious Creek Sect, Blood Creek Sect and Pill Creek Sect, if you guys are still not going to take action now, how long more are you guys going to wait!”


Song Que’s voice, on the other hand, similarly echoed out coldly in this moment.


“Kill Bai Xiaochun!”


So much so that they did not need these three people to speak because in this moment, everyone in the Meteoric Sword Abyss who had not launched their Foundation Establishment were set in motion. They charged towards where Bai Xiaochun was at from all direction, filling the sky with killing intent.


“Xiaochun, you protected me from the Luochen Clan. This time, I will protect you!” Hou Yunfei laughed very happily. His Third Tide had already ended. In this moment, he resolutely abandon his Fourth Tide that he had launched halfway, letting it wilt away as he chose to immediately achieve the Foundation Establishment Level.


He knew that in this moment, Bai Xiaochun was inevitably the target of a multitude of arrows and it was also his weakest moment. He was going to… protect Bai Xiaochun!


“Spirit Creek Sect disciples, I am Hou Yunfei. I am about to end my Foundation Establishment to protect Bai Xiaochun. Is there anyone who is going to follow me!” Hou Yunfei’s voice range out and in the twinkle of an eye, his body ended the Tide.


After a brief moment of silence, the voices of disciples from the Spirit Creek Sect roared out one after the other.


“Senior Uncle Bai protected me in entering this world. Now, I am going to protect him!”


“Even though Bai Xiaochun is naughty and mischievous, we still belong to the same sect!”


“The Ninth Tide is an omen of my Spirit Creek Sect’s emergence. I will definitely disagree to whoever that wants to kill Senior Uncle Bai!” When the voices continuously rang out, the overwhelming majority of Spirit Creek Sect disciples there rushed out one after the other with gritted teeth, similarly rushing over to the place where Bai Xiaochun was at.


On the other hand, Gui Ya was holding on with much difficulty and in this moment, his Eight Tide slowly dimmed, signifying that his Tide failed. After he fell silent, he did not pay attention to the matter on Bai Xiaochun’s end. His decision… was to interfere with Song Que. As for whether Bai Xiaochuun succeeded or failed, it was of no relevance to him.


Beihan Lie let our a low roar. In this moment, he suppressed his anger towards Bai Xiaochun and similarly ended the Tide, letting his Fifth Tide wilt away. He chose to immediately achieve Foundation Establishment Level and head out to protect Bai Xiaochun.


“I am not doing this because of you. I am doing this for the Spirit Creek Sect!” Beihan Lie rushed out amidst his roar.


There were still a few Spirit Creek Sect disciples who were in the middle of their Tides. They too were gritting their teeth in silence, rushing out after their ending their Tides.


Very quickly, other than Bai Xiaochun, there was still one more person in the whole of the Spirit Creek Sect who was still maintaining their Tide… He was Shangguan Tianyou!


He practically did not pay attention to the outside world. In this moment, he was trying to maintain his weak Fifth Tide with reddened eyes.


Along the way when everyone was heading towards where Bai Xiaochun was at, close quarter combats had started going underway. Moreover, the close quarter combats happening outside of Bai Xiaochun’s cave dwelling was even more intense. There were not many Spirit Creek Sect disciples as there were only a few tens of people, yet their enemy was in the figures of more than hundreds.


Time passed and the close quarter combats became even more violent. Under Fang Lin and Jiu Dao’s besiege, Hou Yunfei had already sustained many injuries. Beihan Lie’s condition was also the same. Furthermore, all of the Spirit Creek Sect disciples retreated in defeat little by little. Bai Xiaochun’s protection was similarly decreasing continuously.


Bai Xiaochun felt the scene that was happening outside in his cave dwelling. His body was trembling and he wanted to end it, however, he realised that after the Ninth Tide had formed, he seemed to be unable to control himself and was unable to to end things on his own. So much so that his body could not budge nor could he open his eyes.


After all, this was the Ninth Tide. This was the Pinnacle of the Earthen Pulse!


There were only three ways to end it. Either the Pinnacle of the Earthen Pulse succeeded and it ended on its own or that he waited until the Earthen Pulse Qi in this Meteoric Sword World withered away due to insufficiency. The last method was for a person to be by his side and to exterminate him.


Under Bai Xiaochun’s closed eyelids, both his eyes were crimson red. He could feel his comrades from the same sect risking their lives for him. He could also feel the fresh blood spurting out from their exhausted figures. His heart was tearing apart and he snarled as he let out a shout. He wanted to open his eyes and wanted to end the Tide, however, he could not do so.


“No matter whether I succeed or fail in the Ninth Tide, I want this to quickly end… Ah…!” The mournful howl that Bai Xiaochun let out from the bottom of his heart could not resound out, only his whole body was faintly trembling.

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