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Within the Meteoric Sword World, there were nine great whirlpools in the sky. It made the hopes in everyone who saw it get weaker and weaker. Within any Foundation Establishment Holy Land, the amount of Earth Pulse Qi was limited, and would not let any extra cultivators acheive a successful Foundation Establishment.

It was the same(?). This number wasn't constant, and was instead changing. Once a person that had eight tides appeared, he would absorb even more Earth Pulse Qi, causing the Earth Pulse Qi in the entire world to sharply decline, which made many people have no choice but to stop their tides, and choose to end.

But this still wasn't the scariest part...The scariest part was the enormous authority of a Heaven's Chosen that had achieved nine tides. Once this kind of person appeared, and if he managed to maintain the process of the nine tides after the disturbance and damage from people from the other sects, or even their own sect, and managed to finally reach the pinnacle of the Earth Pulse Foundation Establishment, that person would definitely kill the people from the other sects, and even the people from his own sect that had disturbed or damaged the process of his nine tides!

This kind of situation had occured once during the previous eight hundred years, which was also the madness of that time's Boundless One. During that year's trip to the Meteoric Sword Abyss, he had caused all the people from the Pill River Sect to be killed, and only a few people from the Mystic River Sect and Spirit River Sect were able to survive. Even if they were from the Blood River Sect, many were killed under the Boundless One's madness.

And now, those disciples from the four sects that hadn't condensed their Earth Pulse Qi either had to be resigned to fate, or be caught in the mad slaughter. They were doing it by fair means or foul, and even the matter of being ambushed by a spy in the sect repeatedly happened.

This was all to obtain the Earth Pulse Qi, and to condense the Earth Pulse Foundation Establishment.

Time gradually passed, and the second batch of people, which included Shangguan Tianyou, Xu Xiaoshan, Beihan Lie, and Zhao Rou completed their third tide one after another. At the same time, Gui Ya had finally completed his fourth tide, and was starting the fifth tide.

Song Que and Jiu Dao were already within the fifth tide, and had finished a greater half of it.

As for Bai Xiaochun...he was the fastest person, and he was now at the fifth tide, and was about to finish it. In the midst of the whirlpool's spinning, under the surging of the large amount of Earth Pulse Qi, the fifth layer of the spirit sea was quickly condensing on top of the fourth layer of the spirit sea within his body.

Quickly, after four hours, Bai Xiaochun's entire body trembled, and the fifth whirlpool in his body suddenly spread out. THe power of tides exploded out causing his fifth tide to finally end, after the fifth layer of the spirit sea thoroughly appeared outside of his dantian.

"There's still the sixth cycle!" Bai Xiaochun's eyes had stubborness in them. After reaching a degree of advancement that he currently had, he himself didn't want to give up. He wanted to know what in the world was his limits, and see...just how many tides he could form!

"The Purple Qi Cauldron Manipulation Technique let me form my first tide. The Purple Qi Cauldron Melting Technique opened my second tide. The Dragon Force and the Elephant Force were my respective third and fourth tides!"

"Originally, the nth(didn't say) tide should've been my Ocean Forming Scripture, but because my First Shackle of Life broke through, it automatically formed my fifth tide. In that case, the Ocean Forming Scripture should be able to continue pushing forward, forming my sixth tide now!" Bai Xiaochun's breathing became short, and the Dragon Elephant Ocean Forming Scripture in his body fully exploded out. After the Dragon and Elephant power, a fusion came into being, forming the power of Ocean Forming!

The so-called Ocean Forming, was originally for forming a spirit sea, turning into a Dao Foundation!

At this moment, following the operation of the Ocean Forming Scripture, Bai Xiaochun immediately rose into the sky. A loud sound echoed out, and the sixth layer of the whirlpool suddenly appeared. Within that whirlpool, there was impressively a rolling sea.

It looked magnificent, but in reality, it seemed to be somewhat unstable. The absorption speed had also slowed down a bit. Bai Xiaochun also had the secret Water Nation Technique, but he was unwilling to use it. Because he could possibly form a tide with this Ocean Forming power, he wasn't willing to waste the Water Nation Technique.

This scene was seen by the cultivators in the area, who all heaved a sigh of relief.

"The sixth tide of this Bai Xiaochun is unstable. It seems like this is his limit. I reckon that the reason that he could persist for so long was bceause of the secret technique that he previously used. The collapsing mountain of his fifth tide should be a secret technique."

"His sixth tide is already unstable, so surpassing the sixth tide will absolutely not be an easy task!"

At the same time, Fang Lin and Jiu Dao also secretly heaved sighs of relief. While they were establishing their foundation now, they were also cautiously observing their surroundings, raising their guards. At the same time, they were also sensing other people.

"Bai Xiaochun has already reached his limit. There's nothing to be worried about."

However, Gui Ya furrowed his brow, and felt taht something wasn't right. He still hadn't seen Bai Xiaochun's secret technique. Song Que's eye also flashed, as if he was deep in thought.

Time gradually passed, and Bai Xiaochun's sixth tide gradually calmed down in the midst of this slow absorption of the Earth Pulse Qi. Although it didn't collapse, it was also obvious that it wasn't as mighty as his previous aura.

Gradually, there were also other people that had formed their attractions(this is something that absorbs the Earth Pulse Qi) of their Earth Pulse Qi, and condensed their whirlpool tides. Hou Yunfei was also one of those people.

After sixty hours passed, when Bai Xiaochun's sixth tide finished,there were a large amount of people that believed that Bai Xiaochun's Foundation Establishment was also about to end...

Under the lake, the eyes of the Bai Xiaochun in the cave suddenly flashed, and the sixth tide in his body spread out, forming the sixth layer of his spirit sea. He took a deep breath, and fiercely raised his both hands, suddenly waving towards his surroundings.

"Secret technique...Water Nation Technique!"

Instantly, water vapour immediately appeared in the cave that Bai Xiaochun was in. This water vapour was getting denser and denser, and directly rushed outside the cave, merging with the lake, causing this piece of the lake to immediately roll. You could see with your bare eyes that the lake was unceasingly expanding.

As if the lake was increasing without a foundation all of a sudden. It was also the skill of a few breaths, which unexpectedly expanded at least several times. It was no longer a lake, and was now like an inner sea.(idk what this paragraph means in the earlier part)

At the same time, the six layers of the whirlpool on the heavens became still at this moment. However, it didn't have the signs of dissipating, and instead gave people the feeling that it was accumulating power.

So much so that...the entire Meteoric Sword World, at this moment, seemed to have been oppressed. The many people in the area were all astonished, and even Jiu Dao and the others were astonished. Suddenly...

An astonishing change appeared at once!

Bai Xiaochun fiercely lifted his head, and raised his hands, ferociously waving them. Under this wave, a great wave that could overflow the heavens rose on the lake, and the loud rumbling noises echoed out in all directions. On the heavens, on top of the immobile six layered whirlpool, it suddenly twisted at this moment, and madly spun about. In the midst of the astonished cries of countless people, the seventh layer of the whirlpool...appeared!

It didn't end at that. After the seventh layer of the whirlpool appeared, it unexpectedly rose even further. The nothingness twisted, and countless amounts of mist rotated, and the eighth layer of the whirlpool unexpectedly appeared!

The two layers, the seventh and the eighth layers of the whirlpool,unexpectedly appeared at the same time. This scene, in the instant that it occured, was like the rolling of thunder, which exploded within the hearts of every single cultivator that witnessed this scene.

"Impossible!! He had clearly used his secret technique during his previous fifth tide!"

"secret technique, this is his secret technique! Heavens, Bai Xiaochun didn't use his secret technique earlier!!"

"It actually caused two layers of whirlpools to appear at the same time! This...this is the absolute pinnacle secret technique of the Spirit River Sect, the Water Nation Technique? Or is it the Nightwalker Technique!!"

It was when the crowd of people were astonished, where a group of people immediately reacted, and involuntarily roar out.

"Eight times! He is about to form his eighth tide! Once he succeeds, a large amount of the Earth Pulse Qi here will be sucked away by him!"

"Stop him!"

In the instant that the sound echoed out, the entire heavens loudly shook. Following the rotation of the seventh and the eighth layer of the whirlpool tide, a burst of astonishing absorption force that was over ten times greater than the previous force loudly exploded out. The strength of this absorption force was hard to describe. In the instant that it exploded out, it seemed like a black hole that madly absorbed the Earth Pulse Qi of the entire world.

So much so that the whirlpool of a few other people distorted at this moment. They were clearly slowing down after suffering the intense effect of the black hole.

"Disciples from the Pill River Sect, hear my command! Kill Bai Xiaochun, stop him from forming his eighth tide!! All of the disciples that listen to my command, when you return back to the sect, I, Fang Lin, will not spare any costs and obtain a Foundation Establishment Pill for you, and ensure a life of riches and honour for you!" At this moment, under the whirlpool that Fang Lin was at, he suddenly opened his eyes widely while sitting in a cross-legged position. His voice followed the whirlpool in the heavens and loudly echoed out in all directions.

At the same time, within the formation array that Jiu Dao was residing in, he also raised his head and killing intent flashed through his eyes.

"Disciples of the Mystic River Sect, listen to my command! Kill Bai Xiaochun! If you kill him, the Earth Pulse Qi that he obtained will disperse and return back to the world! This is something that will have huge benefits to you, and to me!"

In the almost-same instant that Jiu Dao's words echoed out, Song Que also opened his eyes. After muttering to himself for a short period of time, he suddenly opened his mouth.

"Disciples of the Blood River Sect, kill Bai Xiaochun, stop him from continuing his tides!"

Hou Yunfei was anxious, but he was currently establishing his foundation, and had no methods of helping.

Shangguan Tianyou's eyes flashed, and a sneer appeared in them. He was also shocked by Bai Xiaochun earlier, especially when his seventh and eighth tides simultaneously opened, which made him take a deep breath. At this moment, he was relaxed.

"It's you who is courting death, you can't blame other people." Shangguan Tianyou closed his eyes and continued moving his tides.

Gui Ya was silent, and a curious light appeared in his eyes. He didn't have any ill will towards Bai Xiaochun. Only, even if he wanted to help now, he would still be powerless to.

Beihan Lie hesitated. He didn't know what kind of feelings he had towards Bai Xiaochun. He possessed hate, and also a killing intention. Only, following the passing of time, he didn't want Bai Xiaochun to die in the hands of other people. He wanted to kill Bai Xiaochun with his own hands.

"Despicable!" Beihan Lie clenched his teeth and suddenly let out a low roar. The sound echoed out through the whirlpool. Although he was unable to help, but he couldn't stay silent and not say anything.

Following the wordss of the first respective Heaven's Chosen from the three sects, their voices echoed out in all directions through the whirlpool. All of the people from the three sects in this Meteoric Sword World all had red eyes.

"Kill Bai Xiaochun! If he dies, the Earth Pulse Qi that he has will disperse, and we will have an even higher chance of succeeding!"

"Yes! Song Que is fine, Jiu Dao is also fine, or also Fang Lin! Those people shouldn't be provoked! Bai Xiaochun can't be considered the strongest, as shown by our sect's information! He can be killed!"

"However, the information that the three sects have on this Bai Xiaochun seems to be somewhat different...don't care about that! If we don't kill this Bai Xiaochun, then we'll have no hopes of establishing our foundation!"

"He has no qualification to have eight tides!"

The eyes of the disciples from the three sects all went red, and they charged towards the lake that Bai Xiaochun was at from all directions. The disciples from the Spirit River Sect were anxious, and wanted to stop them. However, the number of people from the Spirit River Sect was less than the combined number of the other three sects, and was simply too low.

They could block a small portion of people, but even moer disciples from the three sects had already used their full speeds to charge towards the area that Bai Xiaochun wa at. The fastest people had already arrived to the side of his lake's inner sea.

At this moment, Bai Xiaochun's eyes flashed. WIthin the cave in the lake, his eyes suddenly opened, and his eyes exposed a bloodshot look.

"You want to kill me?!"

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