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Chapter 148 - Big Brother, Come Play With Me…

At this moment, the numerous regions within this half of the Meteoric Sword Abyss were quickly becoming warped and indistinct; it was as though in this void, multiple evil beasts that were sleeping, instantly opening their eyes in the midst of the tremors (word shake is used in raw, need check 147 for the context of the shaking here). It was unknown whether it was Heaven's Thunder (again, I need to check 147 for context) that roused them, or them sensing Bai Xiaochun's medicine.

Close to some of the places where the evil beasts awoke, there were several disciples from the Four Sects, but for the great majority of the areas where the beast regained consciousness, there were no cultivators near them. In that split second, all of the beast glared at Bai Xiaochun with ferocious eyes revealing greed and insanity,accompanied numerous roars.

Along with the the water-like rippling fluctuations of the many areas, the evil beasts in half of the Meteoric Sword Abyss simultaneously started moving out in an orderly fashion, galloping madly out of the void.

Yet… More astounding than the horrifying evil beast were the figures that slowly appeared one after another in the territories that the beasts did not occupy, in this half of the Meteoric Sword Abyss

There were figures of all age and gender, with the youngest one being a white clothed little girl with a skinless blood colored teddy bear in her arms, floating in mid air. With them were vicious beasts never before seen in the entire Babel Continent!

They were… Evil Spirits!

They were the lives taken by the great sword that fell from the sky, during the endless ages, that evolved and developed into dead souls in the earth pulse!

It was extremely bizzare and mysterious, with only one thing for certain… The past lives of these evil spirits, were not from the Babel Continent. In the legends they came from the eternal outer sky!

The figures scattered, distributing themselves to secluded regions of Meteoric Sword Abyss. Whenever they took over a place, those areas became forbidden to the evil beasts, and none dared to venture near the evil spirits.

At this moment, these figures started walking out slowly from the void of their respective territories, some with ancient clothing, others with armor, and a couple with scales covering their entire body. They they display strange characteristics, with many missing parts from their bodies, either without an arm or with the upper part of the head gone. A few even had holes in their abdomen, with black qi spreading out from it.

Every evil spirit seemed as if they were lost, unaware and without memory. Wherever they passed swiftly, the evil beasts trembled and shivered, letting them float by. Should the spirit coincidentally make contact with their bodies, the beasts would directly dissipate and scatter into nothingness.

The evil spirits that look like vicious beasts, in particular, were most perculiar, it is as if they were scrambled and awfully patched up together!

As the spirits descended out of the void, with incredible speed, passing all boundaries of space… Their destination- where Bai Xiaochun was!

Great in numbers, they came orderly from all directions!

On the way, some of the four sects’ disciples sensed that something was wrong. They saw the space around them distort and twist before the ghostly figures of evil beasts appeared, just before they begun slaying them, their scalp went numb, as they quickly realizing that the numbers were too great.

They travel in such a large group, that it was like a tide of evil beasts!
“What’s going on!”

“Oh god, the evil beasts here are really rare, yet now they all came out by themselves now? And the number of them, it’s just too much!”

“Something must have happened, damn it. What are those… Evil spirits, those are evil spirits!” In the half of the Meteoric Sword Abyss, the exclaimed cries of the disciples from all the four sects quickly reverberated, as they took a deep breath and start deeply and running away without hesitation especially when they saw the evil spirits coming out among the evil beasts.

As for the terror of the evil spirits, the elders of all the four sects gave the same lecture to the disciples. Evil spirits… were an existence only in the Meteoric Sword Abyss, and should never be trifled with- one should run away immediately upon contact with them!

“all the evil spirits seemed to be attracted to that direction, what is going on over there!”

“Let’s follow from far behind to take a look!” Some of the disciples of the four sects formed groups of three to five, while others went alone. They breath rapidly as they followed secretly in the darkness, taken aback by the tide of evil beasts and spirits.

At this moment, the half of the Meteoric Sword Abyss is rumbling, all because of the nine thunder cracks before Bai Xiaochun’s pellets came into existence.

In the cave, Bai Xiaochun had thinned down a lot, his hair was a mess as he stared deadly at the furnace in front of him, seeing a new crack form every time a roaring came from the furnace.

It was the ninth crack when the furnace violently shook, exploding abruptly as cracks covered it, four beams of black dim light appearing at the same time, instantly flying out from the broken furnace.
Bai Xiaochun was long prepared. With a sweep of his sleeve, his purple qi cauldron technique went into full swing outbreak, forming a force field, enveloping the surroundings ,directly pressed down on the four escaping pellets. With a grab, he got all of them in his palm.

attempting to escape?” Bai Xiaochun snorted with delight as he looked down at the four pellets in his hand, passion burning in his eyes. With haste, he left the cave in search of an evil beast to observe the results.

Just when he went out the cave, however, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes lit up suddenly, his body quickly stepping half a step backward, following after it was the swipe of a black scorpion tail that slashing through the space Bai Xiaochun was just occupying, that came from nothingness.

With the first attack being unsuccessful, the ten foot long black scorpion appeared from the void, its eyes full of greed and insanity as it fixed its death glare on the four pellets in Bai Xiaochun’s right hand, stubbornly lunging at him once more.

Its imposing aura was strong, no weaker than the lesser evil beasts, even matching that middle level great bear from before.

Eyes flashing, Bai Xiaochun’s left hand moved like lightning, surpassing the scorpion’s speed as it latched onto the scorpion’s tail. With a violent movement, Bai Xiaochun sent the scorpion crashing into the boulder beside him, and in a blast, the qi within him instantly came out, going inside the scorpion’s body and without delay destroying some of the weakest areas in the scorpion’s body. It struggled for a while before the body softened down, quickly blurring into earth pulse qi that Bai Xiaochun collected.

Should it be some other ordinary cultivator, they would not have been able to handle a middle level evil beast like that. Even with the hints the sects gave, it would prove to be a difficult task to kill it that way.However, for Bai Xiaochun, who had researched more than a hundred evil beasts, all it took was a glance for him to locate the weaknesses of the evil beast, making the kill much simpler.

“I just used the pellet, and it attracted an evil beast’s attention so fast. Haha, Mypellet, is indeed complete!” Bai Xiaochun was excited as his body was overflowed with bliss. Just when he was thinking about whether he should refine the four pellets, the nothingness around him had noticeable layers of water-like ripples. At a glance, in the radius around him, the ripples were much more intense, with evil beast after evil beast appearing.

“This many, that’s enough. Haha, if this goes on I, Bai Xiaochun, will be the first one to reach Foundation Establishment!”

As Bai Xiaochun looked at the evil beasts, he grew more excited, waving his fists and legs as he prepared for a big fight. His expression, however, changed suddenly as he looked into the distance with widened eyes, seeing a figure with only half a head, clothed in a long grey robe, the remaining eye looking lost as the body floated to his direction, going past the void. The head moved slightly, and when that disoriented eye landed its sight on Bai Xiaochun, an expression could be felt.

That expression showed desire. It instantly locked onto Bai Xiaochun, or, more precisely, on the pellets in Bai Xiaochun’s hands. it sped quickly towards bai Xiaochun's direction.

The surrounding evil beasts, upon the appearance of this figure, started to tremble immediately, unable to move as the figure went past them with incredible speed. Seven or eight of the beasts immediately dissipated into nothingness upon contact with the figure.

“Evil spirit?! Why did it attract evil spirits? Luckily there’s only one… Ah?” The scene following that changed Bai Xiaochun’s expression as he watched, before he finished his words another ghostly figure appeared in the distance, clothed in armor It had two arms and an unkempt hair, as it looked at Bai Xiaochun with the same urge, speedily gaining space.

It didn’t end there. Somewhere further away was an old man, with a huge cavity in his abdomen, coming into form as he walked towards him step by step.

Bai Xiaochun’s scalp grew numb as he took a deep breath. He was just taking a step back when he abruptly realized that the evil spirits here weren’t just three or five, but… a whole group!

Taking a broad view of his surroundings, he saw that the space was twisting as evil spirit after evil spirit appeared in succession, all of them with the same urge in their eyes, making Bai Xiaochun go pale with a feeling that he was being torn apart.

“Why is this happening!” Bai Xiaochun wanted to cry, but no tears came out as he quickly stepped backwards. Never mind a qi condensation cultivator, even the elders of the sects would have huge trouble facing these evil spirits.

But the instant Bai Xiaochun moved backwards, all the evil spirits raised their heads and let out a piercing scream, some of them accompanied with shock and awe. The evil beasts trembled as well, and Bai Xiaochun was shaking as his consciousness went blurry. With a stagger, he felt that his mind was hit directly by a hammer. He sprayed out blood from his mouth, terrified to the point where his body was quivering as he screamed, biting his tongue hard to make himself alert with the pain. He immediately started running.

As cold sweat dripped down, the wings behind the big black pot waving to the extreme carried him with maximum speed, putting distance between him and the evil spirits that suddenly emerged. He was fast, but the evil spirits that walk within the nothingness, were faster.

In a blink of an eye, more than ten evil spirits surrounding Bai Xiaochun were all floating towards him, getting closer and closer…

Some of the evil spirits among them, in particular, were the fastest. Other than the one with half a head, who was the first one to appear, there was a little girl in white clothing, silent. Her face was ghastly cold, with the longing desire in her eyes much stronger and intense.

Far away, many of the sects’ cultivators followed, and upon seeing this scene, all went numb. Some of the Spirit River Sect’s disciples were even more worried, some of them trying to distract the evil spirits, to no avail as they chased only after Bai Xiaochun.

“I’m gonna die!” Bai Xiaochun screamed as he ran for his life, tears almost coming out of his eyes. He never expected that the pellets he created for attracting evil beasts would involve these evil spirits as well.

“God damn it, there must have been something wrong when I was refining the pellets, I’ve made odd pellets again!” Bai Xiaochun felt miserable. As he felt the evil spirits closing in, madly chasing after him, Bai Xiaochun clenched his jaw and felt a stab of pain in his heart as he fiercely threw out one of the four pellets far away into the distance.

The moment the pellet was thrown out, all the evil spirits paused in unison, all their heads raised as the vast majority of them changed direction, charging straight for the pellet, allowing Bai Xiaochun time to escape successfully. As he got farther away, he manned up and turned back for a look.

As he looked, he saw that the pellet he threw was being fought for by the many evil spirits, and surprisingly, it was the little girl in the white clothing that got it in a flash with an explosion of absolute speed. She swallowed it with one gulp.

In the instant that pellet was consumed, the sense of being lost reflected in that girl's’ eyes faded a lot, and a quiet glow flashed through, it could be seen that her expression grew even colder and gloomier. With a closer and careful look, it was as if there were more qi movements on her body!

In the far away distance, the girl turned her head and locked eyes with Bai Xiaochun.

As the two locked eyes, Bai Xiaochun’s scalp seemed to explode as a ghostly and spooky sound sounded out from beside his ear.

“Big brother, come play with me…” The voice made Bai Xiaochun’s hairs stand up on its end, and he didn’t even turn his head when he charged away at full speed.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Translator: Marcus
TLCed by: Sliver, Ayu

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