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Chapter 88A - The Valiant North Bank

As soon as Zheng Yuandong’s words travelled out, all of the North and South Bank disciples on the arena felt their hearts shudder and they subconsciously raised their heads to gaze at the terrace above.

When they did, four heaven-shaking and earth-startling spiritual senses immediately arrived from the forbidden area on the peak of Zhong Dao Mountain that was covered in brilliant white snow. As they appeared, they swept across everyone present.

Having being swept over by those four spiritual senses, all of the outer sect disciples, including Bai Xiaochun, momentarily shuddered under the feeling of absolute suppression, as though both their body and soul could be exterminated at a glimpse.

Bai Xiaochun wasn’t the only one to feel this way, Shangguan Tianyou and the Heaven’s Chosen from the North Bank shuddered too. But soon after, excitement and enthusiasm surfaced in their eyes.

The Grand Elders were paying attention to this battle. This matter caused all disciples qualified for the battle to have their breaths quicken and their eyes shine brightly.

“If one is able to attract the attention of the Grand Elders, they might be accepted as a Conclave Disciple...”

“We must go all-out in this battle!” In this moment, killing intent exploded from the bodies of the competing outer sect disciples from both the North and South Banks.

It was Bai Xiaochun alone who blinked his eyes.

“Grand Elders on the same level as my Master? Then they would be my Senior Uncles…” Bai Xiaochun was filled with pride as he felt that his status was really high. After this Heaven’s Chosen War had ended, he thought that he should definitely go visit those Senior Uncles to pay his respects.

It was also at this time that Sect Head Zheng Yuandong, who was on the terrace, flourished his large sleeve and a ball of light appeared out of thin air. The ball of light suddenly flew toward the arena, illuminating it as it divided itself into twenty-two beads. Each of them flew towards the representatives of the South Bank and the North Bank. After arriving at Bai Xiaochun and the others, they all quickly lowered their heads to inspect the ones in their hands.

“Eleven?” Bai Xiaochun peeked from the corner of his eye with the intention to steal a glance at other people’s beads but realised that Shangguan Tianyou and the rest had all hidden theirs tightly, preventing those beside them to see their number.

“First battle, those holding beads number one and number two, go to the arena!” A cold and somber voice arrived from the terrace above. It didn’t belong to Zheng Yuandong, instead it came from Ouyang Jie from the Law Enforcement Agency.

As soon as his voice echoed out, a person flew out from the North Bank’s side. That person was tall and skinny with a cold and arrogant look on his face. Once he appeared on the arena, loud cheers immediately resounded from the North Bank. Even though he was not one of the North Bank’s five great Heaven’s Chosen, as seen from the magnitude of the cheers from those North Bank disciples, that person too was a Chosen one.

“North Bank, Liu Yun!” When this tall and skinny youngster got on the arena and spoke arrogantly, Shangguan Tianyou similarly had shot out from the South Bank’s side and appeared on the arena.

“South Bank, Shangguan Tianyou!” He stood there with an indifferent expression on his face. He stood straight like a sharp sword. When his voice travelled out, it seemed as though the temperature in the surroundings had dropped.

Immediately after Shangguan Tianyou moved, astonishing cheers erupted from all of the South Bank outer sect disciples in support for Shangguan Tianyou.

The lanky youngster’s complexion changed. He would have never thought that as soon as he appeared on the field, he would come across one of the South Bank’s most illustrious Heaven’s Chosen. Unsightly look adorned his face as he took a deep breath, the air nearby distorted with a wave of his hand. An enormous python with a foul stench appeared, coiled its tail and rose, its height reaching over one zhang.

(ED note: one zhang is approximately 3.58 meters, or 3.64 yards.)

This lanky youngster summoned his monstrous beast, but before he could continue, Shangguan Tianyou stepped forward without a change in his expression. His body had actually disappeared in a flash, and when he reappeared, he was already standing behind the lanky youngster. Shangguan Tianyou waved his right hand and a flying sword appeared on the lanky youngster’s neck.

“You lose.”

A chill ran through the lanky youngster’s whole body and an aghast expression appeared on his face. With great difficulty, he turned his head around and glanced at Shangguan Tianyou. In his eyes, utter disbelief hid. He thought that he was probably not the other’s match, but he would have never imagined that he would actually lose this quickly. After a long time, he conceded bitterly, unsummoned his huge python and walked off the arena.

“We have won the first round. Haha, our South Bank is definitely going to win this time!”

“Senior Brother Shangguan has the capabilities to strive for the top place!”

The South Bank immediately cheered with excitement. Bai Xiaochun’s eyes widened. He too hadn’t clearly seen Shangguan Tianyou’s movement, but he felt that Shangguan Tianyou’s movement just now had truly been extraordinary. |

Even two of the Grand Elders focused their attention on Shangguan Tianyou with their spiritual senses right now.

Meanwhile, everyone from the North Bank was in an uproar.

“Teleportation? Impossible! Not with his cultivation. That was definitely not teleportation!”

“That was a void technique. That person… That person is worthy of being called the South Bank’s top Heaven’s Chosen. With his Qi Condensation cultivation, he actually has a remarkable technique such as the void technique!”

At the moment, the expressions on each of the North Bank’s Heaven’s Chosen participating changed. A grave look flashed across Bei Hanlie’s and the Gongsun siblings’ eyes. Even Xu Song felt his heart sink.

Only the black robed youngster, Gui Ya, remained with his eyes closed since the very start.

“Second round!” While everyone was still in an uproar and the cheers intensified, Ouyang Jie’s voice echoed somberly from the terrace above, interrupting everyone’s discussions.

A young man from within the North Bank Heaven’s Chosen who wasn’t very tall and was somewhat fat heard this and appeared on the arena in a flash. He was all smiles, beaming as though he was harmless to both man and animals.

“North Bank, Xu Song.” He directed a silly smile at the disciple who had just walked out from the South Bank in a polite greeting.

The person who walked out from the South Bank wasn’t Lu Tianlei or someone else of his caliber, but a young man who had previously concealed his cultivation and rose to prominence in the qualification battle. This horse-faced young man had an awful look on his face as he realised that the other party was one of the five great Heaven’s Chosen from the North Bank.

“South Bank, Zhou Feng!” The young man took a deep breath and circulated his cultivation through his body. After he spoke heavily, a flying sword immediately appeared with a hand seal. However, before he could even point it toward Xu Song, a mocking glow flashed across Xu Song’s eyes as he raised his right hand and pressed down.

Boom. A crack suddenly appeared above Zhou Feng’s head, and with a snapping sound, a huge beast that resembled a whale suddenly appeared like a lightning from clear sky, not even giving Zhou Feng time to react as it swallowed Zhou Feng whole.

That flying sword which had been cut off from the young man’s spiritual energy crashed on the ground.

“Fighting with me, a Sky Mountain’s disciple, yet actually not paying attention to the air above you makes one feel happy and disappointed at the same time.” Xu Song smiled and turned around, walking off the arena. He waved his right hand behind his back and the huge beast immediately opened its mouth, spitting Zhou Feng’s unconscious body in front of everyone from the South Bank.

Everyone from the South Bank had their expression turned ugly, and a lot sucked in a deep breath. Even the minds of Lu Tianlei and those similar were startled.

In contrast, the North Bank’s cheers shook the heavens.

Bai Xiaochun’s heart skipped a beat. He felt that those fellows from the North Bank were too scary, their control over ferocious beasts had truly reached a fearsome level.

Shortly after, the third round began. The one from the North Bank was similarly one of the five great Heaven’s Chosen, Gongsun Wan-Er. When she saw that Zhou Xinqi wasn’t the one to appear from the South Bank but someone else, her expression revealed slight disappointment. Having lost her interest, with a wave of her hand, a prismatic phoenix following by her side spat out a prismatic spray.

That South Bank disciple became confused after the prismatic spray hit his face. He raved on the arena as if he was fighting in a hand-to-hand combat against an invisible enemy and soon collapsed from exhaustion before fainting.

From beginning till end, all it took Shangguan Wan-Er to achieve this easy victory was but a wave of her hand. She nimbly got off the arena, making everyone from the South Bank remain silent once more. They looked towards the North Bank with pained expression on their faces as powerlessness sprouted deep inside their hearts.

“Only a Heaven’s Chosen has the ability to fight against another Heaven’s Chosen!” The outer sect disciples from the South Bank looked towards Shangguan Tianyou and the others expectantly, many directing their eyes towards Bai Xiaochun as well.

Bai Xiaochun immediately raised his head high and stuck his chest out. In reality, he had also been taken aback by Shangguan Wan-er from the bottom of his heart.

“This small lady, it seems Zhou Xinqi is not her match, ah.” Bai Xiaochun gulped with difficulty.

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