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Chapter 39 - Crushed…

“Chen Fei?” Bai Xiaochun blinked. He looked at Chen Fei and the two people who were surrounding him. He calmed down after sensing their cultivation levels.

“Bai Xiaochun, it’s too late to kneel and beg now. It was all because of your damned idea that we ended up becoming outer sect disciples. I’ve awaited this moment for so long!” Chen Fei laughed. He raised his right hand, and his cultivation of the fifth level Qi Condensation exploded out, sending many of the nearby fallen leaves flying. It was quite impressive.

“After entering the outer sect, I’ve been training without rest. And now, Bai Xiaochun, I’m at the fifth level of Qi Condensation. Let me tell you this, today, I’m here just to bully you. I’m going to break all of your bones!”

Chen Fei’s laughter was accompanied with a face filled with both glee and arrogance. Pinching with his index finger and thumb, the air vibrated and a green sword with merely half a chi in length appeared. It looked weak, and the cold light it was emitting was weak as well.

The two behind Bai Xiaochun were grinning as they used their cultivations to produce two swords as well.

The trio surrounding Bai Xiaochun were certain of their imminent victory because of their superior numbers. They were also stronger than last time and were assured that Bai Xiaochun hadn’t mastered Lifting the Heavy as Though It Was Light yet.

“It would have been fine if you hadn’t left the mountain. But now that you left the sect’s territory, I’m about to teach you how grave the mistake you made years ago.” Chen Fei felt some satisfaction after letting those words out.

“The three of you blocking me here… Aren’t you forgetting the sect rules?” Bai Xiaochun asked, curious as he looked at Chen Fei.

“Sect rules? Ha! We’re not in the sect anymore! What’s more, you’re weak, so who can you blame? At most, I’ll apologize and that’d be the end of it!” Chen Fei laughed blithely. He could already imagine what face Bai Xiaochun would be making later, it certainly wouldn’t be pretty. He had even prepared taunts and insults for that.

But it wasn’t long before he realized that something was wrong. Bai Xiaochun was way too calm. He was surrounded by three people, and yet his face was not what he had pictured. It actually looked a bit weird, it was as if he was superior. He even had the nerve to speak:

“Oh, I see. Then I have nothing to worry about.”

Chen Fei narrowed his eyes, thinking that something was not right. He stopped hesitating and instead barked out a command.

“At him!” As soon as the words left his mouth, he pointed his sword at Bai Xiaochun and charged, both his followers doing the same.

Looking at the incoming swords, Bai Xiaochun smiled. He didn’t even bother to get his equipment out, choosing to only step back, instantly vanishing before the three.

When he reappeared, he was already beside one of the two minions who were only at the fourth level of Qi Condensation. Chen Fei’s eyes widened as Bai Xiaochun hit the man with his right hand before he could even have the chance to react.

The attack was so fast, it hit the man’s stomach right after Bai Xiaochun reappeared. The man’s body shook as blood shot out from his mouth, his body curving as if hit by a great force, and was sent flying until he collided with a tree.

The tree shook from the impact as the man spat out blood again, fainting.

The scene happened so fast that the other two could only stare at Bai Xiaochun, their brains buzzing in disbelief. Never would they have imagined that Bai Xiaochun would be so fast and strong. They couldn’t even see his movements properly.

Chen Fei’s expression rapidly changed. Taking a deep breath, his body instinctively took a few steps backwards, his face full of doubts as he stared at Bai Xiaochun.


“Too weak.” Bai Xiaochun put on an air of superiority as if he stood at the top of the world, unequalled. He took a step and reached for the other man at the fourth level of Qi Condensation.

The man roared as his cultivation erupted, then charged at Bai Xiaochun with his sword. Bai Xiaochun, however, was faster than him. His impenetrable iron skin and Unending Longevity Technique increased his speed and strength to a shocking degree. He dodged the sword with a jerk as his right fist crashed down on the man.

The boom was followed by the man’s screams as blood shot out from his mouth. He didn’t have a tree behind him so he was flung much farther away as his body shook. He was unable to get up and seemed at death’s doorstep.

“So weak.” Bai Xiaochun shook his head as he looked at the trembling Chen Fei.

“You...You…” Chen Fei’s brain buzzed as he tried to comprehend the situation. He couldn’t understand how he dropped from the position of power to the one of weakness. He was supposed to be the bully, but the target before him was a beast compared to him.

The two hits had knocked out his two subordinates. It was hard for him to comprehend how much strength this feat would take. He swallowed as his body instinctively took a couple more steps backward, completely losing the will to fight. A single thought flooded his entire being: “Run.”

He didn’t get the chance to back away much farther before Bai Xiaochun caught up with him in an instant. His right hand curled up into a fist and aimed for Chen Fei, but just as it was shooting toward him, a shield appeared in a flash of light, blocking Bai Xiaochun’s fist.

Another boom echoed out. Bai Xiaochun grunted as his body was momentarily stopped by the shield. The small shield, however, trembled as the Qi enveloping it grew slightly dimmer, and was quickly sent flying by Bai Xiaochun’s punch.

Chen Fei was terrified. He had spent quite a lot of contribution points for that shield, even if it was an adversary of the sixth Qi Condensation level, it shouldn’t be penetrated so easily in such a short amount of time.

“Bai Xiaochun, you… H-How dare you!” Chen Fei screamed.

“Hmph. Let me tell you this, today, I’m here just to bully you. I’m going to break all of your bones!” Bai Xiaochun was overjoyed inside as he looked at the terrified face his opponent was making. This was the thing that pleased him the most, and he wasn’t about to let this chance slip. So after returning the words his opponent just said right back at him, Bai Xiaochun unleashed the full power of his sixth level Qi Condensation. As gusts formed around him and his hair rose up in the air, he looked quite intimidating.

“Qi Condensation, sixth level…” Chen Fei’s eyes were so wide that it seemed as if they would pop out. He made another attempt to escape as Bai Xiaochun went after him, swinging his fist again. There was no shield to block the strike this time.

Chen Fei’s body shook as blood and screams escaped his mouth, as his body curled. He had a strong body, however, he was merely in the fifth level. He did not faint, instead, he put all of his remaining strength into escaping, his heart bitter and resentful to the extreme. There was still some distance before he could reach the sect… Why did he choose this place to ambush him?

Seeing Bai Xiaochun charge at him with beastlike ferocity, he screamed once again.

“Bai Xiaochun! The sect rules, the sect rules!”

“Sect rules? Ha! We’re not in the sect anymore! What’s more, you’re weak, so who can you blame? At most I’ll apologize and that’ll be the end of it!” Bai Xiaochun repeated Chen Fei’s words as he sent his leg out for a kick.

The kick sent Chen Fei flying up into the sky, blood shooting out from his mouth as his eyes were filled with desperation. He was still screaming in the air when Bai Xiaochun jumped up and barraged him with kicks and punches.

Chen Fei was shocked and terrified, his screams dying out as his body took the hits.

With his bones broken and his veins damaged, he could only lay on the floor with a pale face. His entire body was numb, and as he looked at Bai Xiaochun, his heart was filled with dread.

To him, the skinny and pure Bai Xiaochun was a beast clad in human skin, especially when he remembered the fact that Bai Xiaochun didn’t use any equipment but only his body’s raw power and speed to overwhelm them in this battle.

The other two fourth level followers of Chen Fei just woke up to see their boss being beaten up, dread filling them as well, petrifying them from fear of attracting Bai Xiaochun’s attention.
Seeing Chen Fei’s desperation, Bai Xiaochun was amused. He retracted his Qi and rummaged through the contents of the trio’s bags, taking everything with him, including the small shield. He hummed as he was heading back to the sect.

“Damn it. Who was the one who told me Bai Xiaochun’s achievements were all lucky flukes?” Staring at Bai Xiaochun’s figure, Chen Fei wanted to cry, but didn’t have the tears for it. He would have never approached Bai Xiaochun if he had known how strong he was.

The two men sobbed as they looked at Bai Xiaochun leaving. Intense dread filled them once more.

“Senior brother Chen, what do we do…? Maybe we shouldn’t go after him anymore, let’s drop the matter… Even Xu Baocai resolved his conflict with him.” The duo looked at Chen Fei.

Chen Fei felt utter agony as he gritted his teeth in silence.

“Naturally, I still want revenge. But I can’t beat him… There must be some way…”

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