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Chapter 34 - Triumphing in Herbology

Du Lingfei’s words immediately caused laughter to break out among the observing outer sect disciples. They just couldn't believe that Bai Xiaochun could best Du Lingfei in herbal knowledge.

Especially the words that Bai Xiaochun said at the end. To them, it sounded like the impossible. It was basically ignorant and foolish.

“If this Bai Xiaochun can really identify it, then his herbal knowledge in the first three volumes is comparable with Senior Sister Zhou Xinqi. How could that be!”

“This person is tricking us, how hateful! This time, we must expose him!”

Seeing as the people around him were continuously mocking him, Bai Xiaochun stood there, furrowing his brows.

“Has everyone finished speaking?” His expression slowly turned cold. He was really angry now. If they were in a fight, he wouldn’t behave in this manner. As a man whose goal was to become a great Medicine Master, being doubted in the matter of herbal knowledge was humiliating to him.

“All of you can doubt my fortune, as you can doubt my abundance of magic treasures, but for the ways in herbology, do not use your shallow insights to view the whole world.”

The way his voice echoed out, along with his stern expression, unexpectly gave people the impression that his small and skinny body was akin to tall mountains. His cold expression even more so stunned the outer sect disciples ridiculing him.

Even Du Lingfei was briefly stunned. In that moment, there was a too great of a difference with Bai Xiaochun’s previous demeanor. It was as though he was a whole different person.

“This mystical spirit grass is occasionally called Black-White Flower. It contains Gold-Silver Roots, Sky Yellow Leaves, Water Shell Grass, Nine Earth Fruit, Snail Thread Meat, Cloud-Edge Flower, Windseeking Stalks, Yang Fruit...:” Bai Xiaochun scoffed, flourishing his sleeves. In that moment, he no longer gave others the image that he was an obedient yet detestable boy. He had his hands behind his back, coldly gazing at the people around him. Slowly, there was an unfathomable aura exuded from him.

Followiing his speech, his momentum grew stronger and surprised looks surfaced on the spectators’ faces.

Especially Du Lingfei, whose eyebrows were tightly knit together while closely observing the mystical plant. She knew all about the herbs that Bai Xiaochun had mentioned, they were all recorded in the first three volumes of the herb almanac. But contrary to expectations, she was unable to identify this mystical plant at all.

“It seems that you really want to recite all the first three volumes of the herb almanac. In this way, there is no doubt that you will score higher than me. If you can really recite everything without missing a single one, then I will admit that you win this round.” Du Lingfei snorted. Until then, she still didn’t believe that Bai Xiaochun had truly identified it.

“That’s right! If you have the ability to do so, recite the first three volumes of the herb almanac. It would naturally be your win!”

“What trickery, what shallow insight, what viewing the world? I think that you’re actually the shallow one. If you can’t identiy it, then admit it straightaway instead of scamming people over there. What an eyesore!” The people all around him also sneered sarcastically.

Bai Xiaochun looked at Du Lingfei coldly, then he looked at everyone else. Suddenly, he smiled, retrieved his gaze, he opened his mouth to speak indifferently.

“Hundred Grass Root, thirty years to form Hundred Grass. By drying the meridians and adding in spirit water, grafting it on top of the Famine Leaf, a blotch is formed.” Bai Xiaochun pointed with his right hand and a gust of wind landed on the mystical plant, exposing a faint blotch on the plant..

“Famine Leaf. Every nine leaves combine together to form one leaf, devouring Scalding Flowers to grow. Right here!”

“Scalding Flowers. It does not bloom for a hundred years. Even when it blooms in a hundred years time, it is only for an instant.

”Four-Leafed Ginseng. Using mystical fire to roast it, its leaves dry, the extracted rich essence flows into the ginseng’s body. This can improve the Flat Shell’s development, fusing them into one!”

“There is also the Flat Shell...” Bai Xiaochun’s voice was calm. With every word that came out of his mouth, he explained in detail to the extent of even naming the method used. In the beggining everyone present still had a derisive expression on their faces, but those slowly disappeared. Faces quickly changed, followed by rapid breathing. The spectating crowd underwent a rapid transformation, till every last disciple present had an expression of disbelief. Some were even shocked to the point of being speechless.

“This is impossible!”

“Heavens, how could this be!”

Every sentence from Bai Xiaochun’s mouth was like an invisible slap across the face, aimed directly at those people’s. Everyone present was also herbal student. Previously they were unable to discover the mystical plant’s secrets, but under Bai Xiaochun’s detailed explanation, they all immediately recognised them.

Everything said by Bai Xiaochun turned out to be completely accurate without a single mistake. He suddenly became an awe inspiring person, slapping every single one of the disciples present across the face.

“This Bai Xiaochun’s herbal knowledge, it has unexpectedly… reached such astonishing levels!” The surrounding disciples were already in an uproar. The previous insults immediately stained their faces fiery red with pain.

What made them even more shocked than they already were, was how Bai Xiaochun had analyzed the plant. To directly explain the grafting methods used to create a grafted plant, this sort of Reverse Deduction required a person to have an astounding level of herbal knowledge to achieve.

“This… This is Reverse Deduction. He… His herbal knowledge is actually at this level…”

“As a herbal studnet, to deduce the mystical plant that the ancestor cultivated, this… this...” Elder Sun had also widened his eyes, his face one of disbelief.

There was an evident radiance in Li Qinghou’s gaze. The Bai Xiaochun in this instance was unbelievable.

Du Lingfei’s face quickly paled and she staggered backwards. Based on her herbal knowledge, once she heard Bai Xiaochun’s words, she immediately understood to the extent she felt faint many times.This kind of feeling embarrassed her to no end.

Bai Xiaochun then didn’t use any form of technique, only relying on words from his mouth, on his herbal knowledge. Every sentence that he spoke was like magical weapon, making Du Lingfei unable to parry his words. She only felt roaring in her head, as if the heavens were struck open by lightning, slowly retreating backwads, her face getting even paler.

“Pinellia Fire, Nine Summer. This is, from what I can see, the last mystical herb.” , Bai Xiaochun finally said his last sentence, his gaze like lightning. After sweeping the audience once over, he looked at Du Lingfei.

“Senior Sister Du, fellow disciples, herbalism is very profound. There is no absolute, for if there was, your herbal knowledge would only remain as it is. Since you wish for me to recite the first three volumes of the herbal almanac, where is the difficulty in that!” Bai Xiaochun lifted his chin up, flourished his sleeve and he actually remained there, reciting things one by one.

“Mystical Winter Bamboo…”

“Earth Dragon Fruit…”

“Water Ink Root...“ He calmly spoke, an indifferent expression on his face. Following his continuous recitations, his surroundings descended into silence. Only Bai Xiaochun’s voice resounded, as if after the previous slap across everyone’s face, he picked up his palm once again, dishing out a second one.

Those people listening intently, even though they had no face to see others, they also couldn’t help but gasp once again, stirring the air. Some even immediately took out their herbal jade tablets to compare. Those people who were comparing shuddered one by one, the shock in their eyes intensifying.

Du Lingfei’s face paled, retreating backwards. When she looked at Bai Xiaochun, it was as if she was looking at a ghost.

Previously, it was for the purpose of ridiculing him that she had said it. In reality, she had never met anyone that could recite all thirty thousand medicinal herbs. To her, this seemed impossible. If somone was able to do it, then that person’s herbal knowledge defied the laws of the heavens.

Fast forward in time, Bai Xiaochun’s recitation speed was quick, as if he recited it in a single breath, over an hour long. To the audience, how this hour had passed was unknown. They all seemed to have taken out their jade tablets to compare.

One whole hour after, when Bai Xiaochun named the last stalk of herb, everyone present, who was as deathly silent, erupted in cheers that echoed about. Even the disciples who were standing beyond the arena’s surroundings could faintly hear them.

“My gosh… Not a single one is wrong, all are correct! This… how could such a thing be true!”

“Thirty thousand types of medicinal herbs total… This Bai Xiaochun’s herbal knowledge is actually at such an extraordinary level. He… what is his ranking on the herbal steles?”

“Comparing Bai Xiaochun’s herbal knowledge to Du Lingfei’s is like hitting a rock with an egg!”

In the midst of the roaring crowd, Du Lingfei looked at Bai Xiaochun. An infinite bitterness filled her heart. Even in the previous fights, she had never felt like this. But now, in terms of herbal knowledge, it could be said that she had been completely crushed.

Never would she have imagined that the person before her eyes, the lucky Bai Xiaochun who used an abundance of magical treasures would actually have achieved such an unexpected level in herbal knowledge no matter how hard she tried.

This shock made her laugh miserably. Tossing out Soaring Cloud Incense, she turned around and quickly left. Staying here any longer would make her feel uncomfortable.

Du Lingfei’s depature made the surrounding disciples feel awkward. Everyone respectfully cupped their fist to the distant Bai Xiaochun silhouette before quickly leaving. One could only imagine how long would the shock from that day’s events linger in their hearts.

Very quickly, the disciples around the arena left till there were only a few left, leaving Bai Xiaochun standing there. He awkwardly coughed, feeling that previously… he had complicated things. Quickly retrieving Soaring Cloud Incense, he looked back carefully at Li Qinghou.

“This disciple… will take his leave first.” As Bai Xiaochun spoke, he quickly retreated, departing without a trace.

On the fighting stage, Elder Sun gazed upon Bai Xiaochun’s back, his eyes filled with shock.

“Ancestor, this boy is… extraordinary!” Elder Sun said softly.

Li Qinghou laughed heartily towards the sky, his laughter carrying his happiness. Flourishing his large sleeve, he made his way to the peak of the mountain.

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